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This is the second record I’ve heard this week that sounds a little like Mazzy Star, I guess they were a big influence on a lot of people, this has a bit more of a folk feel to it though and for a two piece they fill out their sound quite well, lot...view item »

Expect The Best

Full disclosure: I thought this record was called ‘Expect the Beast’. As a diligent and dutiful employee, I have been doing so. Turns out what I’m supposed to be expecting is the best, which is a lot to ask. Widowspeak have been an extremely charming band in the past -- ripping on Fleetwood Mac...view item »

All Yours

Widowspeak produce a beautifully languishing music, Molly Hamilton and Robert Earl Thomas winding their melodic lines together. Hamilton sings gently but passionately, and the band’s instrumental backing billows slowly. All Yours is a very accomplished third album...view item »

The Swamps EP

Ever since I’ve worked here I’ve kept seeing records by this band coming in and out of the shop and I’ve somehow managed to go all these years. Finally I get to answer some (but not all) of my burning questions about this band today. Who are they? What do they sound like? Is it pronounced “widow speak” or “wid...view item »