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Here comes Colin Stetson, the big man with the big lungs and the bigger sax, one of Constellation Records' crown jewels, and the only person allowed to play the saxophone on an indie rock record. Colin Stetson is an absolute machine. And I'm not tal...read more »

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Colin Stetson And Sarah Neufeld
Never Were The Way She Was

Available on 12” vinyl LP or CD from Constellation. Colin Stetson’s is renowned for his unique style with tenor and bass sax. Melding polyrhythmic blasts and clanks with prolonged and evolving drones as well as simultaneously vocalising through the mouthpiece. Joining forces with violinist Sarah Neufeld ...view item »

Colin Stetson
New History Warfare Vol. 1

Increasingly influential sax honker Colin Stetson does everything with a saxophone except make it sound like an actual saxophone. As anyone who has ears knows this is a good thing and here comes a re-issue of his very first solo album originally released in 2007 and showcases the amazing pips, squeaks and squarks he gets out of ...view item »
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Colin Stetson
Hereditary (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Ari Aster’s Hereditary is the latest horror flick du jour. Plenty of the chat has centred around the film’s soundtrack. The usual adjectives have been applied to Colin Stetson’s score - ‘bone-chilling’, 'blood-curdling', ‘horrifying’ - but it really doe...view item »

Colin Stetson
Those Who Didn't Run

Colin Stetson is a name I know little about and, even though we sold a shed-load, I somehow managed to miss his much talked about 'New History Warfare Vol 1 & 2' albums. Stetson is a Bass and Alto sax player making a living recording/performing with the likes of Bon Ivor, Tom Waits, ...view item »

Colin Stetson
New History Warfare Vol. 3 : To See More Light

Sax machine Colin Stetson has been turning ever more heads of late with his innovative and unique playing style, and finally this week we have the third in his ‘New History Warfare’ trilogy available for your consumption, hot on the heels of his excellent collaboration with modern sax legend ...view item »

Ex Eye
Ex Eye

Hey, cool idea, just throwing it out there -- how about a metal band with Colin Stetson's sax and Greg Fox on drums? Sounds wacky, let's do it. The definitely cacophonous Ex Eye are an instrumental quartet dual wielding it...view item »

Colin Stetson
All This I Do For Glory

Windblower and earch-scorcher Colin Stetson returns for a new record of original solo material, his first since the finale in the New History Warfare trilogy. The core of his sound, developed through bass and alto saxophones, is pushed through with his signature circular breathing and crack...view item »
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Colin Stetson
presents: SORROW - A Reimagining of Gorecki's 3rd Symphony

A remarkable release here: saxophone titan Colin Stetson has arranged Henryk Gorecki’s much loved 3rd Symphony (one of the best-selling classical works ever) for an ensemble of electronics, guitars and woodwinds that includes members of Liturgy and Arcade Fire. It...view item »

Colin Stetson & Mats Gustafsson

When it comes to free jazz/fusion sax honkers, there are two names which seem to keep cropping up, but aside from Brotzmann and Edwards there are other uniquely expressive brass-parpers who attract consistent enthusiasm am...view item »
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Colin Stetson
New History Warfare Vol.2: Judges

You can count on one finger the number of good uses of the saxophone in long and varied history of music. The coda to 'Will You' by Hazel O' Connor notwithstanding, the instrument that was invented by mistake has usually turned up on everything horrible in the world from free jazz skronk to Patrick Wolf's latest mess. In the 1970's even keen sax...view item »