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This Behavior

It seems like -- ooh, let's see -- at least 18 of your Earth years since this duo gave us 'Nausea', back in those heady, queasy post-millennium Electroclash days. 6 albums and countless (nearly) EPs and singles later, Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller present us with This Behavior as ADULT. All caps, full stop / p...view item »

Detroit House Guests - The Remixes

ADULT.’s project Detroit House Guests, released earlier this year, featured an array of collaborators who were invited to live and record together, with Lichens...view item »

Live at Third Man Records

ADULT. fans may rejoice as their live presence is has been captured and released on 12". The drum machine synth pop is just as crisp as ever, though the live setting is also very much there with audience interaction intact. The modern, underground equivalent of Siouxsie and the Banshees 'Live at the Royal A...view item »

Le Car
Auto Reverse

Detroit is known primarily for two things: its’ cutting edge electronic music history and its’ automotive industry. Le Car combines both! This is the late 90’s project of Adam Lee Miller and Ian Clarke (Adult. and Perspects respectively), and h...view item »

Detroit House Guests

ADULT. (they always spell it like that) are a husband and wife neo-comedy duo from Detroit who make kind of a lets say unconventional take on dance music with each calling out over some cheesy keys. This, their first for Mute is a collaborative effort with guests including Michael Gira (Swans), Robert Aiki ...view item »

The Way Things Fall

Adult. have been away a long time. They used to be favorites in Norman Towers before we got the internet and things like that. They are known for providing the kind of minimal electronic retro-future pop akin to then popular likes of Ladytron and ...view item »

Shara Vari / 122 Hours of Fear

Adult. are back! It seems like ages but it’s only been four years! They’ve been busy making a horror film trilogy which I doubt will be showing at your local megamulticinemaplex but you might find ‘The Three Grace(s) Triptych’ at ...view item »

Adult/ Numbers
Me Me/ Monologue

This makes me so happy I might burst. Not ecstatic..... not unmoved... certainly not sad or angry. Just happy. Perfect. An absolutely cracking split 7" from Adult and Numbers........view item »

Adult/ Dirtbombs

Adult. & The Dirtbombs have a No'd split 7" out on Cass/Ersatz Audio. Covering each other's songs too. Most unlikely you'd think. Garage rock meets sinister analogue electro. Surprisingly compatible bedfellows I'll have you know..... The 'Bombs do Adult's "Lost Love" & The Ersatz label bosse...view item »

Why Bother?

I'm partial to a wee bit of ADULT. (Don't forget that full stop or 'period' if you're on the other side of the pond). Their latest work 'Why Bother?' as the title suggests sounds proper gloomy. I love the fact they ditched a lot of their electro sounds when the electroclash thing really kicked off. Even though they made the likes of ...view item »

Gimmie Trouble

Adult. (watch that full stop! It bites!!) return with a terrifyingly good new album for Tortoise's Thrill Jockey. The supremely talented Detroit couple make this spindly analogue electro pop that has mutated into a sinister banshee wail of new wave isolation (intermittent New order doom guitar & Siouxsie/Lydon-es...view item »


I bloody love Adult I do. That 'Pray For Pills' cover version was sublime & now they go further into the realms of intense cyber punk electro, even touching on that classic early Sisters Of Mercy sound with a brand new 6 track E.P. on Chicago's home of vampiric doom lust erm.....Thrill Jockey. This sounds like Siouxs...view item »

Anxiety Always

As far as electro goes, hardly anything bar the occasional tune captures me these days cause it's all so cheesy & trend fixated. Adult.,however, are a different proposition altogether. There's a strain of real venom running through this Detroit couples' blood and it regularly translates into their ...view item »