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Adrian Crowley
Dark Eyed Messenger

Sad songwriter Adrian Crowley's fourth album for Chemikal Underground (though he did plenty before this association) finds him disassociating himself with the instrument that has been a constant companion throughout his career. The humble guitar. Instead 'Dark Eyed Messenger' sits Crowley's chocolate brown voice above a combinat...view item »

Adrian Crowley
Some Blue Morning

This new record from Adrian Crowley sees the songwriter further expand his folk oeuvre; six records in, his lyrical style has become as measured and distinct as a Bill Callahan, while his arrangements are able to bring out the same intricacies as Lambchop 'Some Blue Morning' is the work of a folk professional....view item »

Adrian Crowley & James Yorkston
My Yoke Is Heavy: The Songs Of Daniel Johnston

It's all top stuff I've had to review from home this week, and this baby I've listened to quite a few times. It's a great collection of Daniel Johnston remakes from two renowned Celtic maestros. There's some really odd murky tape weirdness going on under the version of 'True Love Will Find You In The End' bu...view item »

Adrian Crowley
I See Three Birds Flying

It’s sometimes very difficult playing anything in this office unless it’s upbeat or party music. Mainly cos it’s difficult working to the likes of Merzbow or Prurient...view item »

Adrian Crowley
Season of the Sparks

Another voice I think I could not exist happily without is old Irish bard Adrian Crowley. Chemikal Underground must've been waiting years to sign him as he's trundled along from label to label, usually leaving them the happy recipient of an album's worth of wonderfully melancholy musings. 'Season of the Sparks' initially shares something in spirit ...view item »

Adrian Crowley
Bless Our Tiny Hearts

We're enormous fans of Adrian Crowley here. I've seen him live a few times and just about the most intimate thing I've seen live. You feel like you're sharing the guys innermost feelings and secrets. It's incredible how one man's voice can be packed with some much feeling and emotion. You almost feel like you shouldn't be there. Anyway here's a new...view item »

Adrian Crowley, Various
Frend Volume 1

We have a limited 10" with art booklet all the way from sunny Ireland. Frend Volume One essentially a showcase for some fine visual artists and singer songwriters that include Adrian Crowley, Goodtime John, MeNoFemBo ( Úna Mullally), and More Tiny Giants. The visual artists contributions come from. Lili Forberg, Aoife De Búr...view item »

Adrian Crowley
A Northern Country

Righty then... Adrian Crowley. A name mentioned many a time before on these pages (well maybe 2 or 3 times...) and you'll be terribly pleased to know he has a new album out courtesy of those lovely folks at Misplaced Music. He was to have a Whiskey single out but that all went tits up when you all stopped buying my singles (am not...view item »

Adrian Crowley
Long Distance Swimmer

Norman Records longtime favorite Adrian Crowley's latest opus 'Long Distance Swimmer' has the man heading in a somewhat different direction. Recorded in Dublin, the essence of the album is pure Crowley, straight from the soul but the sound has had a bit of an overhaul. The addition of a drummer really surprised me and makes for a much fuller polish...view item »

Adrian Crowley
When You Are Here You Are Family

Also the man behind Norman Records told me to tell you the Adrian Crowley CD is back in. Again he was a human I've never heard of but he played me his new album on Ba Da Bing/ Bed of Rockets and once he'd picked me up off the floor I gave him a kiss and ran off with...view item »

Rivulets, Adrian Crowley, Burd Early, Various
Eye Of The Beholder 3

When Will Oldham first appeared on the scene with the first Palace Brothers records many  folks  were squealing "its just country music " from behind their Slint records. Its a measure of the man's influence that several years on  theres a breed of people that want to sound e...view item »