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The Taj-Mahal Travelers
July 15, 1972

I guess you could call The Taj Mahal Travellers an experimental psychedelic jam band. They were formed in Tokyo by Japanese Underground legend Takehisa Kosugi. Their flair for musical experimentation was not matched by their ability to think of imaginative titles. The album, July 15, 1972, is simply named after the day it was recorded, and the three lengthy tracks are simply named after the time they started and finished, take the opening track,'The Taj-Mahal Travelers Between 6:20 - 6:46 P.M.', as an example. Kosugi was also known for his involvement with Hi Re Centre and Group Ongaku.

Taj Mahal Travellers
August 1974

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Takehisa Kosugi

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Steve Lacy, Yuji Takahashi, Takehisa Kosugi
Distant Voices

This 1976 meeting of three avant-jazz heavyweights gets reissued by Aguirre (La Monte Young, Steve Reich, Terry Riley). Pianist Yuji Takehashi - a player so innovative that Iannis Xenakis composed especially for him - joined forces with soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy and electric violinist/Fluxus favourite Takehisa Kosugi in a 1975 recording session while Lacy was in Japan. The resulting record employs unusual techniques - at times Takahashi plays with bells attached to his hands while Lacy pressed his saxophone up to the skin of a kettle drum - to create this surreal piece. Distant Voices takes in free jazz, cosmic jazz, post-minimalist composition and serialism.