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Richard Pinhas

First time vinyl reissue of the first album by Richard Pinhas released after the end of Heldon. Alone he takes a more restrained approach than that of his band, with Iceland being a subtle journey reflecting the cold and awe of the country from which it takes its name. Also features 'Wintermusic' a 25 minute long bonus track from 1983 also released on vinyl for the first time.
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Richard Pinhas

Another fine Richard Pinhas reissue! This one, 1982’s L’Ethique, is Richard’s fifth album since concluding Heldon, and the last one he made before a long, decade-plus break from music. A notable album then.  L’Ethique is a spacey, jazzy, rocky experience, with lots of rad instrumental shapes thrown. Plenty of fine synthy action too. Reissued by Bureau B.

Richard Pinhas
East West

Here we have the fourth solo album by Richard Pinhas of Heldon, notable in part for being his only album released on a major label. That means that Mr. Pinhas had some larger resources at his disposal, and also that he scaled back the track-lengths to pop song levels (though the sounds are all Pinhas baby). Reissued now by Bureau B.

Electronique Guerilla

Heldon’s very first album, from 1974, reissued on CD and vinyl for your spaced-out listening pleasure. Electronique Guerilla lays out the magical Heldon sound straight away, with Richard Pinhas and friends making magic with (mostly) an EMS Synthi and a guitar. Among the guests are, astonishingly, the actual continental philosophy supremo Gilles Deleuze himself, reciting some Nietzsche! That’s got to be reason enough to snap up this reissue right?


French outfit Heldon, with guitarist Richard Pinhas at the helm, were masters of weaving together electronica and rock, resulting in minimalist, doom-laden techno and bleak, apocalyptic soundscapes. Add howling guitars, rattling electric drums and undulating synths and you’ve got a perfect prog soup.

Richard Pinhas

Interest in modular synthesisers is at an all-time high, so it’s as good a time as can be for reissues of early standard-setting works. Reenter Richard Pinhas, who bought himself some Moog racks and released Rhizosphere in 1977. Looking for all-new sounds and timbres on each of the five pieces, Pinhas’ results range from sci-fi soundscapes and warm sequences to quite abstract sound design.

Un Reve Sans Consequence Speciale

Heldon’s fifth album 'Un Reve Sans Consequence Speciale', released in 1976, is being re-released on limited-edition clear purple vinyl, courtesy of Souffle Continu Records. It’s an intense record, weaving together meaty prog and industrial rock with spicy electronica, to a fiery, aggressive effect.

Stand By

French outfit Heldon’s 1979 album ‘Stand By’ is being re-released on limited edition sky-blue vinyl, courtesy of Souffle Continu Records. It’s essentially a rock record, built on electronic equipment, and is filled with proggy doom, punk ‘tude and guitarist Richard Pinhas’ masterful axework.


Souffle Continu Records release a limited collection of albums from French prog masters Heldon, including 1976’s ‘Un Rêve sans conséquence spéciale’, 1977’s ‘Interface’ and 1979’s ‘Stand By’. Cold, icy guitars layer over heavy, hypnotic drones while atmospheric electronica dances in the background. Not to mention the coloured vinyl!

Camera / Richard Pinhas

Two decent-sized chunks of exclusive sound from Camera and Heldon hero Richard Pinhas. Both artists are experts in out-rock, and both bring their A-game to this Split. Pinhas’s side was recorded in the same sessions as his album Reverse, so if you enjoyed that you should certainly go for this. 12” on Bureau B.
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Richard Pinhas

French experimento-prog legend (and Heldon member) Richard Pinhas has been collaborating left right and centre for the last few years, and for new solo record Reverse, he’s brought many of those heavyweight friends into the mix. We’re talking Oren Ambarchi, Masami Akita, William Winant: serious stuff. Released by Bureau B.

Richard Pinhas

Chronolyse was first released in 1977 (but only in France), as a sideline to Richard Pinhas’ activities in Heldon, the synth-prog experimentalists whose reputation is growing ever stronger. This is an LP of properly exploratory proportions, Moog arpeggios expanding everywhere. White vinyl reissue from Cuneiform.

Live In Paris 1976

Heldon are a band long gone, and even when they were together, live shows were rare. So the release, for Record Store Day 2015, of previously-unheard live documents is a real treat. Live In Paris 1976 is a psychedelic experience of sharp synth and warm guitar, melding into wonder. Limited purple / white vinyl.

Live In Paris 1975

Heldon are a band long gone, and even when they were together they played out rarely. So the release, for Record Store Day 2015, of previously-unheard live documents is a real treat. Live In Paris 1975 sounds remarkably contemporary now, its undulating synths and jammed-out guitar sounding hypnotic. Limited blue / white vinyl.

Heldon IV

Presumably the fourth Heldon album, also known as Agneta Nilsson. First released in 1976, this chunky bit of French psychedelic rock has been reissued by Bureau B. The band dart between synth-jams, gentle ambience, and genuine guitar led freak outs. Not sure what's going on on the album art but I hope the baby's okay. 


The third album from French psychedelic rockers, Heldon reissued by Bureau B. Here you'll find two discs (CD or vinyl) of long, dark jams, all heavy on the guitar and synth. On the album Heldon ringleader Richard Pinhas is quoted as saying "dark is not negative to me". No dark without light! Upwards, to space!