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A Flame My Love, A Frequency

French multi-instrumentalist Cecile Schott returns to Thrill Jockey with her seventh full length album as Colleen. A large step away from her usual sound palette, Schott replaces her viola da gamba with synthesizers and electronic processes, opening new worlds to explore. Available on both LP and CD.
  • Vinyl LP (THRILL449LP)
  • CD (THRILL449CD)

Captain Of None

Loopy beauty from French multi-instrumentalist Cecile Schott a.k.a Colleen. Playing the baroque instrument, treble viola da gamba, and singing in a folky whisper, she brings to mind the loop-based works of Robert Fripp or more recently Dustin Wong but with a stronger leaning towards songcraft. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Thrill Jockey.
  • Vinyl LP (THRILL387LP)
  • CD (THRILL387CD)

The Weighing Of The Heart

  • CD (SL023)

Murcof, Colleen, Psapp, Caribou, Various
Check The Water

  • CD (BAY50CD)
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  • Artist(s):
  • Colleen

Everyone Alive Wants Answers

Colleen’s debut album Everyone Alive Wants Answers was first released in 2003, to the joy of those who heard it. The album is a sensitive suite of electronically-tweaked instrumentals, small-sounding melodic material spliced, looped and spun-around into something entrancing. This Leaf Label reissue (LP with CD) is limited to just 400 copies.
  • Vinyl LP (BAY 31V)
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  • Limited edition

Encre, Hypo, Colleen, Ddamage, Various
Active Suspension Vs Clapping Hands

  • Artist(s):
  • Colleen
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Animal Collective, Odd Nosdam, Colleen, Various
Sadness Is In The Sky iss 25

Manitoba, Colleen, Various
Delivery Room

  • CD
  • In stock and ready to ship