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Coil Vinyl, CD & tapes by Coil at Norman Records

Rising from the UK underground of the early 1980s, COIL was the visionary duo of Peter“Sleazy” Christopherson (Throbbing Gristle / Psychic TV) and Geoff Rushton aka Jhon Balance. The two core members were joined over the years by a rotating cast...read more »

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Astral Disaster Sessions Un/finished Musics

Coil's 1999 opus Astral Disaster is an often-overlooked highlight of their extensive discography, centring on sonically vast, emotionally deep Kosmische epics and punctuated with pithier statements. This release presents a brace of unheard tracks and mixes from the album sessions, including the lengthy Cosmic Disaster and a promo CD mix of I Don't Want To Be The One.
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Theme From The Gay Man's Guide To Safer Sex

The fact that this is Coil might lead you to assume that the title of Theme From The Gay Man’s Guide To Safer Sex is a joke of some sort, but it isn’t: this is music that Coil produced to accompany a VHS sex-ed documentary by that name. Ambient house, new age balearic vibes and slinking jazz are the order of the day. Presented here as a standalone soundtrack for the very first time, working from the original masters, On Musique Pour La Danse.
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How about this, then? Over two hours of unreleased Coil, dating from 1993 to 1996 and scrubbed from Danny Hyde’s (Coil, Psychic TV, Electric Sewer Age) studio archive. In a nice touch, the cover art, courtesy of Nurse With Wound’s Steven Stapleton, is derived from one of Jhon Balance’s dreams. On Infinite Fog.
  • Vinyl Triple LP (IF-89LPW)
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Live At The London Conway Hall, October 12, 2002

When the legendary experimental group Coil began performing live for the first time in 15 years back in 1999, they performed many pieces that never even got released on their albums in the first place. Live At The London Conway Hall captures just one of these, a massive LP-length version of ‘The Universe is a Haunted House’ performed in October 2002. 

Threshold Archives Series 2 (Bundle)

Second instalment of the Coil vault-emptying Threshold Archives series begun by the band’s Peter Christopherson (a.k.a. Sleazy) before his death in 2010. These are eight CDs’ worth of out-of-print material from the experimental music legends available altogether in one bundle - not separately. 

Love's Secret Demise

These recordings originally had the working title 'The Side Effects of Life' and were demos for what would become Coil's classic 1991 album 'Love's Secret Domain' and parts of the 'Wrong Eye/Scope' 7" released on Stefan Jaworzyn's Shock label. The demos were sent to Wax Trax! Records on cassette, prior to the label issuing 'Love's Secret Domain'. The tape was one of only a handful known to exist and offers a glimpse into the formation and evolution of LSD.
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ElpH vs Coil
Worship The Glitch

More Coil!!! If you like the stuff they do on purpose but feel like you're missing out on their accidents, then this is the release for you. ElpH as it turns out is not another artist, but the name they gave to the spirit causing their equipment to glitch. And on Worship the Glitch, they do just that. Harnessing the mistakes to make something spectral.

Drew McDowall
The Third Helix

Drew McDowall, formerly of Coil, once again delves into the concepts that drove those legendary sonic explorers. On The Third Helix, McDowall experiments with dark and twisted electronics, creating eight tracks that are ideal for looking inward. Intense and visceral, this is music from the most severe of trances.

Coil presents Black Light District
A Thousand Lights In A Darkened Room

More Coil re-issues and this is from 1996 when  Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson and John Balance were joined by Drew McDowall but rather than being the 'poochie' of the show, the new name helped the group take a left turn back to the more avant garde pursuits and experimental electronics. 

The Ape of Naples

The Ape Of Naples marks the end of the long, strange journey of Coil, being completed after the death of Jhonn Balance by Peter Christopherson. The nature of its origin gives this record a particularly melancholy and spiritual tone. The LP edition has etchings on the D-side, and both the LP and CD versions are packaged in premium glossy sleeves.

Coil / Zos Kia / Marc Almond
How To Destroy Angels

A Coil rarity for you here coming courtesy of Cold Spring (Merzbow, Psychic TV). This recording, dating to a gallery performance in 1983, is markedly different from the similarly-titled EP that Coil issued the following year. With the group at this point consisting of Marc Almond, John Gosling and of course John Balance, they construct a twenty-plus minute piece from spoken word and industrial noise. Gosling’s Zos Kia project provides a remix. Closing track ‘Baptism of Fire’ is an unreleased ZK/Coil collaboration recorded in the same year.

The Lepore Extrusion

Originally released on a limited run by Brainwashed Recordings in 2006, Thighpaulsandra’s The Lepore Extrusion gets reissued by Klanggalerie.(Konstruktivists, Nurse With Wound). It’s a typically unusual work from the Coil/Julian Cope collaborator, with main affair ‘The Leport Extrusion’ a single piece that shifts between spacey drones and vocal-led concrete ala Karlheinz Stockhausen. This new pressing comes with a bonus track.

The Snow

A big reissue campaign of Coil records is now underway. The Snow was first released as a 12” single in 1991, and this reissue fills it out into a full-length release with a demo tracks never previously heard outside of the Coil inner circle. Released by Threshold Archives, a personal project of the late Peter Christopherson himself.

Time Machines

One of the most beloved hidden gems in the Coil discog, Time Machines takes its name for and acts as an ode to a certain hallucination-inducing drug, the band working their tonal shifts into what they hoped would replicate the time-distortion inherent in its use. The record takes queues from Tibetan ceremonial music and retains Coil's shapeless punk edge. Get it while you can.

Live In Moscow

In 2001 the English avant-industrial icons Coil performed for the very first time in Moscow and, rather predictably, Live In Moscow captures this intense and confrontational performance which draws from music produced across their 30 year career. Continuing their amazing run of lesser known Coil reissues Feelee unleash this set on CD.

Пособие Для Начинающих: Глас Сéребра

Roughly translated as ‘A Guide For Beginners - A Silver Voice’, this reissued compilation CD (limited to only 400 copies) on Feelee sees industrial pioneers Coil in ambient mode. It was originally released to mark the band’s Russian performance and is an anthology of atmospheric lullabies and weird, nocturnal electronica.

Пособие Для Кончающих: Волос Злата

Coil put together Пособие Для Кончающих: Волос Злата to celebrate a 2001 show in Moscow. Our heroes chose to introduce the Russian audience to an array of tracks from throughout their career, with a particular focus on their noisy side. This reissue of the anthology serves as a handy ‘in’ to a complex discography. Out on Feelee, limited to 1000 CD copies.

Zos Kia

Started by John Balance, Peter Christopherson, and John Gosling, ZOS KIA was continued by Gosling after they concentrated on Coil full time. 23 is an anthology of the project, including live recordings, alternate versions and rare and unreleased material. Harsh 80s industrial, a big gift for fans of Throbbing Gristle and Coil.

Ford Proco / Coil
Expansion Naranja

Finally released on vinyl since being recorded in 1999, Expansion Naranja came about after a chance meeting of John Balance, Peter Christopherson and the members of Ford Proco at a The Orb gig. With Ford Proco being Coil’s almost equivalent in Mexico it was a bloody good idea, the result being industial soundscaped techno, and an absolute must for Coil fans. 12” EP on Mannequin.
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A Cold Cell In Bangkok

This particular version of A Cold Cell In Bangkok, remixed by Peter Christopherson himself, first surfaced on a JD Twitch-compiled compilation for Domino. It has never made it to vinyl in the past, but that oversight is being redressed here, with all profits to go to the Thai Children's Trust, in honour of the late Christopherson. Single-sided 12” with a silk-screened image on the B-side, released by Optimo 

Coil / Current 93 / Foetus / Test Dept.
The Sound Of Progress

This is The Sound Of Progress circa 1988, as expressed by extreme and experimental artists like Coil, Current 93, Test Dept. and Foetus. Performance footage, interview footage, and footage of these chirpy fellows hanging out is all included on what appears to be the first proper DVD release of this documentary (first broadcast on Dutch TV). DVD with booklet.

Another Brown World / Baby Food

Two very rare tracks by Coil now released on special black or limited marble vinyl. Side 1 was completed in 1989 with John Balance & Peter Christopherson. Vocals were recorded at the summit of Mount Popa. On the flip we get an unreleased piece from 1993 which also featured Danny Hyde. This time the track was recorded in a storm.   

London Conway Hall, October 12th, 2002

After not playing live for 15 years Coil returned to the stage in 1999, and as is their way, provided something we had never heard before. Here we have a recording from their performance at London Convay Hall in 2002 where they perform a version of The Universe Is A Haunted House, which was released on Live Four, but expand it into a full album length performance.

Electric Sewer Age
Moon’s Milk In Final Phase

Electric Sewer Age is a project of mysterious provenance, although it eventually turned out that Peter Christopherson and Danny Hyde of Coil were largely behind it, and indeed it was their final collaboration. Moon’s Milk In Final Phase has been unfindable for some years, but now we’ve got a reissue of this deep-space abstract eulogy. On Soleilmoon.

The New Backwards

The New Backwards was originally part of the 2008 Ape Of Naples box-set, but it now floats freely as a stand-alone release. Constructed out of a quantity of 90’s material originally bequeathed to Trent Reznor, The New Backwards contains all the classic Coil elements, from Jhonn Balance’s haunted vocals and spiritualism to messed-around-with deep samples. On Important Records.

Zos Kia / Coil

Stark, minimal and grating industrial, from three defining players - John Gosling, John Balance and Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson. Originally released in 1983 only on cassette, then reissued, but edited by Coil years later. These are the full length unedited recordings, and also have two unreleased tracks from Zos Kia’s previous incarnation AKE.
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Astral Disaster (Prescription Edition)

Originally released on Gary Ramon of Sun Dial’s short run label Prescription, and later on Coil’s own Threshold House, what we have here are the original masters from the former. Reproduced with the same artwork also, so a real treat for people who can’t afford the price tag of one of the sub 100 copies that were made available.

Ford Proco
Vertigo De Lodo Y Miel

Mexican industrial duo Ford Proco released Vertigo De Lodo Y Miel back in the year 2000. The album is notable for containing two collaborations with English weirdo legends Coil, but don’t overlook the deep electronic sounds on the rest of the record: the whole thing is more than worth your time. Reissued by the Infinite Fog label.

Throbbing Gristle
The Factory Manchester, May 18th, 1979

Pretty self-explanatory stuff from the folks at East / West, who issue another rare and random live offering, this time from Throbbing Gristle. The industrial pop electronic rock avant-garde noise crew used their evening at the Factory wisely, performing nine tunes between Third and Final Report and 20 Jazz Funk Greats. Won't be round for long, will it?


Remastered and Rereleased from the Threshold House archives, Panic is one of many Coil singles and albums to resurface. Featuring the original tracks from the single, as well as added unreleased remixes, instrumentals, and compilation tracks from the same period, making it up to a thirteen track monster. Everytime things like this appear, you remember how damned good John Balance and Peter Christopherson were.

The Wheel

Continuing the massive reissue of Coil albums and rarities, this one’s a little bit more special. The first time these tracks have been available on CD, having previously only been on separate 10” and 7”. Both versions brought together, so you have The Wheel, The Wheal, and Keelhauler as well as loads of unreleased (even unnamed) tracks and well as demos. A gem for the Coil cataloger.

The Anal Staircase

Here it is, the grand reissuing of Coil albums. The Anal Staircase samples Igor Stravinsky’s Rite Of Spring, and was first released as a 12” single. This reissue, however, adds remixes, extra tracks, and a whole brace of 13 demo tracks that were previously unreleased. On Threshold Archives.

The Consequences of Raising Hell

Approached by Clive Barker to do the soundtrack to Hellraiser Coil set about doing precisely that, though it apparently proved to be too much even for Barker’s taste. This remastered collection brings the original tracks as well as eleven previously unreleased demos from their Gold Is the Metal era.

Wrong Eye

A big reissue campaign of Coil records is now underway. Wrong Eye was first released as a 12” single in 1990, but this archival reissue adds in contemporary compilation tracks and demos that have never previously been released. Part of Threshold Archives, a project started by the late Peter Christopherson to get Coil’s archive out there.


A big reissue campaign of Coil records is now underway. Windowpane was first issued as a single in 1990, but this archival release adds in a host of demos, most of which previously existed only on the Side Effects of Life cassette. Part of Threshold Archives, a project started by the late Peter Christopherson to get Coil’s archive out there.

Threshold Archives - Remastered Reissues CD Bundle

Rising from the UK post-industrial underground of the early 1980s, Coil were the visionary duo of Peter Christopherson (Throbbing Gristle/ Psychic TV) and Geoff Rushton aka Jhon Balance. The two core members were joined over the years by a rotating cast of like-minded artists that included Thighpaulsandra, Drew McDowell, Stephen Thrower and others. Their cross-genre music and art incorporated everything from experimental/ electronic, post-industrial, ambient, soundtracks, drone etc. and explored the occult, magick, altered states, the human condition, mysticism, mortality and beyond. After the untimely death of Jhon Balance and later Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson, the future of the extensive Coil back catalogue has since been in limbo - shrouded in controversy and rumour. To say that this first batch of reissues has been keenly anticipated would be an understatement. Their beloved and highly collectable discography has seen prices increasing on the second hand market to ridiculous levels of unattainability for most fans; hence the emergence of inferior bootlegs. Now, finally, after much speculation - the time has come and Threshold Archives is now active. The label dedicated to preserving and making available - in the best possible quality this important, diverse and often profoundly affecting body of work. The seeds of the label were sown by Peter Christopherson prior to his transition into the next life and have since been nurtured by former members, friends and family. Eight CD reissues of long out of print and rare material have emerged; The Angelic Conversation, Panic, The Wheel, The Consequences of Raising Hell, The Anal Staircase, Wrong Eye, Windowpane and The Snow. Audio has been painstakingly remastered from original sources including; DATs, cassettes, Betamax masters, reels, and old computer hard disks. These new editions have been expanded to include previously unreleased tracks, demo versions and instrumentals. A dream come true for Coil heads. To mark the occasion, for the hardcore Coil fans, we’re offering all eight titles as a convenient, discounted bundle for £65.00, saving £7.00 on purchasing them all individually.

The Angelic Conversation

Remastered and Rereleased from the Threshold House archives, Coil’s album An Angelic Conversation made up the soundtrack to Derek Jarman’s film of the same name. Different to the original version, this reissue doesn’t include the dialog/sonnet portions, and instead the tracks work as separate pieces.

Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson
Live At L' Etrange Festival 2004 - The Art Of Mirrors (Homage To Derek Jarman)

Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson was a musical legend, one of the original members of Throbbing Gristle and an innovative musician in his own right. This live recording is an homage to the short film by Derek Jarman. The Art of Mirrors. Recorded before the end of Coil in 2004 and captured here on double vinyl.

V/A (Coil, :Zoviet * France, Horizon 222, Black Dog ETC)
Out There - A Thread Through Time

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Coil / The New Blockaders / Vortex Campaign
The Melancholy Mad Tenant

Big old noisy team-up from 1984, bringing together the great and mysterious Coil with avant-smashers The New Blockaders and Vortex Campaign. This release went down in noise history as a big classic, and is now reissued, in nice remastered form. Plus, as a bonus, everything else that Vortex Campaign ever recorded (including some unreleased stuff)! Infinite Fog reissue.
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Various (6 Organs of Admittance, Coil, Angels Of Light, Nurse With Wound etc)
Not Alone