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Dungeon Acid Vinyl, CD & tapes by Dungeon Acid at Norman Records

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Dungeon Acid
Dungeon Acid

Swedish house artist and DJ Jean-Louis Huhta has been a mainstay of the genre for over three decades now, but his Dungeon Acid project that originated in the 2010s is possibly the most well-loved. Taking dance music in progressive and psychedelic directions without caving in to muso tendencies, Dungeon Acid is the project’s debut album proper. 

Dungeon Acid
Dog Acid / Sex Beat

Dungeon Acid is Jean-Louis Huhta, who has been at the core of some of the most interesting music made in the Swedish scene over the years, from Cortex to The Skull Defekts. This 7” is titled Dog Acid b/w Sex Beat, and it delivers on its dirty dancefloor promises by being straight-up potent slices of acidic beat electronics. 7” single from Hoga Nord.

High Boys
Dead Zones

Two members of Skull Defekts, Jean-Louis Huhta and Joachim Nordwall, peel off to form High Boys for this deliciously twisted EP Dead Zones. As suggested by the cartoon on the front cover, this is music designed for fans of all things darkly psychedelic - old school acid house and industrial sub-genres are the key influences. 
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High Boys
World Numbination EP

You might know Joachim Nordwall and Jean-Louis Huhta from their work in the intense experimental group Skull Defekts, but their first project as a duo, High Boys, moves in very different territory. World Numbination is a four track power-pack of acidic electro-acoustic techno, ready to wreck the more experimental dancefloors out there. Yummy. 12” EP on Hoga Nord.

Russell Haswell / Dungeon Acid

Russell Haswell here shares wax with an artist whose name decently describes Haswell’s own sound: Dungeon Acid. The Dungeon master lays out some deep and heavy acidic dancefloor material, while Haswell goes harsh and fierce with barely-contained, theoretically-danceable noise. 12” split on iDEAL Recordings, limited to 300 copies.
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  • Dungeon Acid

Dungeon Acid
Northern Acid / All-Nighter

Dark and raw techno from Dungeon Acid a.k.a Jean-Louis Huhtas. Associated with Skull Defekts, Anti-Cimex and Lucky People Center, this dirty two-tracker hits on a paranoid acid sound with distinctly analogue equipment pushed to the fore. Northern Acid/All Nighter is a throbbing duo of Nordic electronica. Out on 7” vinyl from Hoga Nord. Limited to 299 copies.

Dungeon Acid

When you hear Dungeon Acid, do you think happy things? It sounds pretty awful. But now this is something else. The Swedish producer’s new 12” EP lingers between hypnotizing and upbeat, but never gets as dark as his moniker suggests. The title Move is well chosen, as head-bobbing is unpreventable.