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Oren Ambarchi, Mark Fell, Will Guthrie, Sam Shalabi
Oglon Day

Since there ain't much at all online about this upcoming collaboration between various psych/electronic luminaries, all I can really say is that firstly the cover is superb (it's what covers should look like), and, secondly, it sounds from the press release like a vital and visceral musical experience that will probably take in psychedelia, krautrock, and experimental electronica. 

Mark Fell

Intra is an opportunity to hear the scintillating hermetic digital soundworld of Mark Fell break out into the physical acoustic realm. Fell’s piece uses electronic sounds to guide the Drumming Grupo De Percussao as they play the Sixxen metallophone, a particularly fantastic instrument devised in the 70’s by Iannis Xenakis(!!!). If no part of that sounds enticing to you, then I just can’t help you. On Boomkat Editions.
  • Vinyl LP (BKEDIT016)
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EP2 / newtables (Special Extended Edition)

The snd sound is one frozen in time, at once bringing nostalgia and seeming to be of the deep future. Sheer minimalism, but warm and rich too: why try and get our heads around it when our bodies are already moving? This reissue combines EP2 with newtables, a pair of early works of superlative quality. Remastered from the original DATs.
  • Vinyl Double LP (SND2SE)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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  • Mark Fell
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  • snd

Mark Fell
Focal Music #3, #4, #5a, #5b

Abstracted rave-technician genius Mark Fell presents several variations on his Focal Music piece. The concept is that a subtly-morphing percussive pattern is played, via headphones, to a performer who must then try and follow the pattern (the audience does not hear the pattern). Versions #3, #4, #5a, and #5b feature Laura Cannell, Aby Vulliamy and Sandro Mussida. Tape release on The Tapeworm.

You Speak What I Feel (DJ Sprinkles & SND)
My Good Friends Tell Me That

You Speak What I Feel is the collaboration of DJ Sprinkles and SND. Produced back in 2002 My Good Friends Tell Me That was the product of atlantic spanning desire to strip back house to its bare minimum, down to it’s core - rolling basslines, ethereal chord stabs, and just pure groove. Who better than these three?

Errorsmith & Mark Fell
Protogravity EP

‘Protogravity’ is the first collaborative single from electronic composers Mark Fell (SND) and Erik Wiegand (aka Errorsmith, MMM). Combining the creative methods of these two major contributors to the development of alternative dance forms, ‘Protogravity’ explores their various working practices and compositional styles to create a coherent collection of subterranean techno.

DJ Sprinkles & Mark Fell
Fresh Insights (EP 1)

Following their first collaborative release Complete Spiral, DJ Sprinkles & Mark Fell are back with EP2 and a fresh slice of Tony Benn sampling deep house. Not as surprising as it sounds considering their previous sampling of Arthur Scargill. Rousing stuff. Out on vinyl 12” from Comatonse Recordings.

Mark Fell + Gabor Lazar
The Neurobiology of Moral Decision Making

Yorkshire’s Mark Fell (SND, Sensate Focus) and Budapest’s Gábor Lázár destroy yet another laptop with a Max/MSP rhythm freak out. Mixing of Fell’s signature Linn drum and metal scraping synthetics that twist the groove as much as your sorry little head. An absolute essential for fans of SND, Autechre, Emptyset.  

Mark Fell & Sandro Mussida
Object Relations #1

Mark Fell knows how to turn a drum machine into an apocalypse and continues to do alongside cellist Sandro Mussida on the first entry into his new 7" label. The label attempts to act as a point of convergence for differently disciplined artists, and this inaugural release is a statement of intent, bringing together a staunchly electronic practice with the rawest of acoustic sounds. 

DJ Sprinkles & Mark Fell
Complete Spiral EP

Mark Fell & Peter Rehberg

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  • Mark Fell