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Ensemble Economique
no thing-ness

Ensemble Economique are next up on the luscious series of Dekoder 12”s celebrating ten years of the label. no thing-ness branches out from EE’s ambient Not Not Fun jams and into industrial worlds full of foreboding sonic architecture, grey concrete and, er, grist. On a wall-mount-worthy hybrid pictur...view item »

Ensemble Economique
In Silhouette

Ensemble Economique, the work of Brian Pyle (formerly of Starving Weirdos), have a new album, the twelfth in the Economique canon. In Silhouette is a shadowy set of grayscale electronics driven by pulse-rhythms, everything coming together to mark out the territory of so...view item »

Ensemble Economique
Blossoms In Red

Ensemble Economique (the ensemble is in fact so economical that it contains only one member, Brian Pyle) release their / his eleventh album. Blossoms In Red has that shimmering ambient-songcraft vibe Pyle excels at, carefully placing subtle pieces of instrumentation next to each other. ...view item »

Lee Noble/ Ensemble Economique
Motion Forever

I’ve been waiting for this baby for a while now as I loved that last Lee Noble LP which sold out in a flash! There’s even less of this release (only 300) so I don’t reckon this one’s gonna hang around for too long either. If you didn’t get around to hearing his last album then he makes very drifty soundin...view item »

Ensemble Economique
Melt Into Nothing

“Melt Into Nothing” is Ensemble Economique’s most lucid seance to date. The prolific Humboldt County musician has stripped layers off of his trademark haze but retained the beautiful desolation that’s earned him a rabid fanbase. The solo project of former Starving Weirdos member Brian Pyle, Ensemble Economique has crossed...view item »

Ensemble Economique
Fever Logic

Brian Pyle is back this week with the latest installment from his ever-changing Ensemble Economiquealias. The last thing we got from him was a split with Heroin In Tahiti which knocked my block off with its murky tropical chills, and now he’s got another LP on Not Not ...view item »

Ensemble Economique / Heroin In Tahiti
No Highway / Black Vacation

I have right here the new split between Ensemble Economique (aka Starving Weirdos’ Brian Pyle) and Heroin In Tahiti, who are a new name to me but apparently had an acclaimed album out last year. From what I’d previously heard by Ensemble Econom...view item »

Ensemble Economique
The Vastness Is Bearable Only Through Love

Ensemble Economique, aka Starving Weirdo Brian Pyle, is back this week with another LP of his out-there synth explorations, with creepy minimal plinks, plonks, thuds and shudders inhabiting a bare-bones synthetic landscape, like an abandoned factory ...view item »

Ensemble Economique
Crossing The Pass, By Torchlight

Ensemble Economique is the tongue-in-cheek name of Starving Weirdo Brian Pyle's solo thing he does. It's synth-and-loop based stuff that's totally relaxing and melodic and gently paced and it's helping me calm down, since I'm completely hyperactive today in anticipation of tomorrow's big ...view item »

Ensemble Economique

This is some chap from Starving Weirdo's or to be more precise his name is Brian Pyle. I like the sleeve to this one. Looks like the kind of thing you'd see on Finders Keepers I reckon. Very Italian horror film and kidna eerie. I'm enjoying this one and it's only been on for a few minutes. Unsurprisingly it's cinematic sounding and the cove...view item »