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Free Reign II

Evergreen Liverpudlian krautpoppers Clinic came up with their strongest offerings to date last year with ‘Free Reign’ and on this LP Daniel “Oneohtrix Point Never” Lopatin has been tinkering around in t...view item »


Now Clinic with their new on Domino called Funf which is a compilation of b-sides and rarities. Never really got into these chaps and all the doctors costumes they wore. However time has mellowed me and I finding this quite an enjoyable ride with a good range of styles from heavy rock to sensitive plodders. Sounding a bit 60's surfy.. now it sounds...view item »


Woohoo! CLINIC are back with another album. It's called Visitations and it's well it's errr.... Clinic. They have their own sound you know.... you got one Clinic album then you got 'em all. From the off it's undeniably them with a Beefheartian stomper of a tune roaring through the speakers.... They seem to have exp...view item »

Winchester Cathedral

Clinic, those masked scoundrels from the land of the Scouse return with a splendid long player, 'Winchester Cathedral'. Unlike Prodigy who are incapable of breaking any new ground , this merry bunch of voodoo minimalists DON'T NEED TO! That's right. It's more of the same. And what did you expect one of the most distinctive soundi...view item »

Internal Wrangler

Clinic don’t get enough credit for how great they are in my book. They have a lithe, groovy, weird psych sound delivered with unhinged intensity, and this is nowhere better displayed than on Internal Wrangler, their debut record. Highlights include the gorgeous ‘Distortions’ and ‘The Return Of Ev...view item »

Walking With Thee

Right then. Somehing good now.... and that be a new Clinic long player called Walking With Thee. Now on first hearing I quite enjoyed it but thought it petered off to the end. Definitely side one has the edge and is great but I didn't really notice the latter half of the LP when it was on which isn't a goo...view item »

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