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Small Black
Best Blues

Small Back (the name presumably referencing Steve Albini’s Big Black?) release their third album, a well-polished slab of busily-textured electronic indie. Airy vocals waft through walls of synths and beats, and the general tone of Best Blues’ sound borders on ecstatic. On J...view item »

Small Black
Real People

Used to have a bit of a soft spot for Small Black back in 2010 fueled mainly by an excellent split with Washed Out. I believe they may have even helped out as Washed Out’s backing band around the same time...might have made that up though. I guess after the disappointment of ‘Within And Without’...view item »

Small Black
Limits Of Desire

Hey nostalgia fans - remember chillwave? It was only a couple of years ago that we were wowed by a selection of bands, usually from the west coast of America, seemingly in thrall to China Crisis and Madonna B sides. Small Black were part of this - I remember they had one really good song. In my review of...view item »

Small Black

Not the best song off the album but a good example of what they do which is determinedly in the chillwave bracket - basically its China Crisis playing in a wind tunnel, the B side is a Best Coast cover thus making Best Coast the most mentioned comparison band over the past two weeks, probably because everyone is starting to sound/look like ...view item »

Small Black
New Chain

I'm 38. My mum and dad are extremely proud I've lasted this long. I'm still bang up to date though - have just checked my Twitters and am listening to 'chillwave'. This is a movement of groups who sound like the best of the 1980's tail end of Yacht Rock put through some kind of digitized blender. I had a stand up row with a friend (aged 43) abou...view item »

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