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EVOL Vinyl, CD & tapes by EVOL at Norman Records

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Ideal Acid

A hyper-rave extravaganza from the naughty boys behind EVOL here. Ideal Acid is a typical combination of flair and wit. The two sides here are most definitely acid house, but it’s acid house as you’ve never heard it before. It’s testament to their talent that they manage to make Ideal Acid such a cohesive listen.

Those Trax (Mike Dred / Mark Broom / Drvg Cvltvre Remixes)

You know what to expect from anything EVOL: head-messing brain-blast rave electronics! Delicious, if you are in the right mood. This 12” dishes up remixes of EVOL’s Those Trax from Mark Broom and Drvg Cvltvre, as well as four microscopic lock-groove remixes by Mike Dred. Limited edition white label pressing of 100 copies.

Opus 17a

The latest sonic emission from Evol, the guys who take rave music into intensely blasted territory. No longer danceable, the two tracks of Opus 17a will suck you into their warped vortex. Potentially forever too, as both sides of the record end in locked grooves. Very dangerous. 12” vinyl on Bus.

Flapper That

Computer punks Evol have a new 12” and it’s called Flapper That. One 20 minute piece of music over two sides of vinyl. Side one messes with waveform (and your head) in an hypnotic way, gradually changing speed and pitch. Side two adds drone and rave to the mix. Evol’s music has been a great influence on the Diagonal label since its inception.

Purple Melters

Brain-smashing hardcore wave-synthesis from Evol here on this new 12” on iDEAL Recordings. The aim of these intense, super-repetitive pieces is apparently to warp the listener’s perceptions, and it seems to me to do an excellent job. Get your Purple Melters on yellow vinyl, with a free sticker of a mocking acid smiley face.