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Twin Shadow

Twin Shadow is the alias of George Lewis Jr. Eclipse is his third album and major label debut. His previous albums, Forget, 2010 released on Terrible and Confess, 2012, released on legendary indie label 4AD. Lewis earned his touring chops whilst supporting Florence & The Machine and The Strokes and proved himself as a magnetic and appealing frontman when headlining his own tour.

Twin Shadow

Twin Shadow is the project of musician and actor George Lewis Jr. who somehow managed to find his way onto 4AD in 2013 for his second album Confess. It is inspired by a motorcycle accident which didn't stop him from riding the thing again and as he boasts in his press release hitting 100 mph the darn fool. Anyway this is one of his more interesting (or elitist as he puts it) records with nods to the Smiths and Human League.  

Twin Shadow

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