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Paul Smith

Call this Norman Records™ blurb writer a sentimental old fart, but I will always have a soft-spot for Maximo Park. I can’t say I’ve bothered to listen to anything they’ve done this decade, but the formative experiences of listening to A Certain Trigger round my mates’ houses as a teenager will forever endear me to Paul Smith and his merry men. Smith’s always been one of indie’s more erudite singers, and his fourth solo LP Diagrams sees him go about his business with the same panache as ever. Smashing.

Paul Smith & The Intimations

Four years in the making, ‘Contradictions’ is the latest record release by Maximo Park leader Paul Smith. The project, which began life on the road, draws in influences far and wide from the charms of the North East to the gritty sounds of Brooklyn and shows a more vulnerable side to this dynamic lone wolf of pop.

Paul Smith & Peter Brewis
Frozen By Sight

The Sunderland/Newcastle axis of art rock is in full collaboration mode at the moment. The most esoteric could well be this meeting of Field Music's Peter Brewis with Maximo Park's Paul Smith. Brewis's complex chamber music compositions are a gorgeous backdrop to Smith's tales travel writing texts. It ocassionally hits dizzy heights and is nothing but interesting throughout. 

Paul Smith
Our Lady of Lourdes

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Paul Smith

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