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Anna von Hausswolff
Dead Magic

Anna Von Hausswolff’s discography is an intense collection by anyone’s standards, but on her fourth album, Dead Magic, she ramps up the intensity even more. 5 tracks over 47 minutes gives her time to suck you into her world and feel every second, every note and every word. Hausswolf uses the organ from Marmorkirken church in Copenhagen which only adds to the mystery and intensity. Swans, Nils Frahm, Sunn 0))), Gyorgi Ligeti and Yma Sumac have influenced the making of the album so from that you can guess that there will power and darkness tempered with subtlety and grace.

Anna von Hausswolff
The Miraculous

Miraculous is what swedish singer/songwriter Anna Von Hausswolff calls a place her family used to tell her about when she was small. The mysterious place has had a complicated history. It is home to Swedish traditional folk music and the landscape is beautiful but it was also the scene of an uprising in her country that led to much bloodshed. Hausswolff keeps the location secret but does visit from time to time. It is possible that the place only exists in her mind. The music on The Miraculous is inspired by the magic, mystery and terror of this place. The Miraculous is the third album by Anna Von Hausswolff and follows her highly acclaimed Ceremony album from 2013 and her harrowingly brilliant debut, Singing From The Grave from 2010.

Anna von Hausswolff
Källan (Betatype)

Kallan (translated as The Source) sees Swedish singer/songwriter Anna Von Hausswolff get out the ol' pipe organ again. It is a song inspired by the novel of the same name by Swedish author Walter Ljungqvist in which three children are searching for magic. The 12” single features a screen printed sleeve with and etching by Anna Von Hausswolff. Limited to 500 copies, numbered and signed.

Anna von Hausswolff

You want it darker? You want it more ominous? More dramatic? Then try Ceremony by Anna Von Hausswolff.  Sixty full minutes of brooding intensity that recalls Kate Bush, Nick Cave and Diamanda Galás to name but three. Chuck them in a blender and reach for the sky and you have Ceremony. Has she been on the soundtrack to Peaky Blinders yet? She should be. 

Anna von Hausswolff
Track of Time