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Live at Roadburn 2010

Give me YOB, me mama! YOB, me mama! YOB, until the morning come! (Un)Fortunately, a similar name is about the only musical similarity between this group and a beloved advert for a certain yoghurt-based breakfast drink. Live At Roadburn 2010 shows off the full might of the Oregon group’s cosmic doom sound. At the festival the band ripped through their set as if attempting to simultaneously summon demons and rip bongs.

The Unreal Never Lived – Live At Roadburn 2012

YOB hail from Eugene, Oregon and play extremely heavy doom metal, which is the way it should be. Following a two year hiatus in the mid ‘00s they returned to great acclaim, Including a couple of ear-damaging sets at the Roadburn festival. The Unreal Never Lived- Live At Roadburn 2012 captures the band in fine form and is previously unreleased. Double LP and CD on Roadburn Records.

Live At Roadburn

Unbelievably heavy doom metal merchants YOB created their sound by having one pedal-stomping foot in the future and one in the past. They formed in 2000 before disbanding in four years later. Fortunately they reformed in 2006 and ended up playing a couple of blistering sets at the Roadburn festival in 2010, which was previously released as a double LP and 2012, which until now has remained in the can. 4LP box set, limited to 500 copies on Roadburn Records. 

Our Raw Heart

Innovative and immense, YOB like to release long, thrashing sprawls, disseminating doom with zero compromise. Our Raw Heart speaks plain of the near-death experience of frontman Mike Schiedt, who praise the stars is still with us, bleeding the metal blood. Over seven very good tracks they play seventy-five minutes of heart-on-sleeve riffage. I honestly cannot wait. 

The Great Cessation

Following their 2005 split, the Oregon doom trio reconvened to unleash their fifth album in 2009. It’s a particularly fine example of Mike Scheidt’s expertise in crafting crushing extended riff-fests, tempered with nuanced and spacey quieter passages. Both double LP and CD versions include the two bonus tracks previously only available on the original vinyl version. If you’re not familiar, this is well worth a go if you’re a fan of Sleep, Electric Wizard, or Om.

Clearing The Path To Ascend

It sounds a lot like a yogurt, but YOB is actually the name for a doom metal outfit formed by hardcore drummer turned slow guitar fiend Mike Scheidt. for YOB, he enlisted Travis Foster and Aaron Rieseberg, who help fill out the band's aggressive but snail-paced rhythm section. 'Clearing the Path to Ascend' is their seventh record in twelve years, and as always, shit gets heavy. You probably already know who they sound like, but just in case, prepare yourself with some Sleep and Electric Wizard.