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Blissful indie-techno producer Geotic, alias of Will Wiesenfield (better-known as Baths), with another album packed with soulful and warm beats. Geotic's albums so far have contained dance music for dancing by yourself, for staring out of train windows: dance for when you're okay with being by yourself. And based on first single Gondolier, Traversa will continue that trend.
  • Vinyl LP (GI321LP)
  • CD (GI321CD)


It’s been a few years, but Baths (aka Will Weisenfeld) appears to have found the time among all the anime and computer games for another Anticon album. Led by affable, confessional songwriting, Romaplasm swings to the steps of camp, bubbly poptronica. It comes off as more lyrical, a touch lighter and more spacious than Will’s sidechain-core, L.A.-beat early material.
  • Vinyl LP (LPABR0168)
  • CD (CDABR0168)


Many of Geotic’s past releases have tended towards tender ambient drone, but Abysma is a dance music record. That said, Geotic (aka Will Wiesenfeld of Baths) makes clear that this is dance music as intimate, at-home experience with a gentle lift to it. With Will’s vocals turning some of these tracks into full-on songs, Abysma is a lovely listen. On Ghostly International.
  • Vinyl LP (GI283LP)
  • CD (GI283CD)

Ocean Death

In 2013, Will Wiesenfeld released his second record under the Baths moniker, 'Obsidian', which saw him turn away from the bright and playful glitch-pop of 'Cerulean' into darker and more abrasive electronic sounds, moulded into proper songs. 'Ocean Death' is an EP of leftovers made around the same time that hint at the recent direction of his live show, which shows reverence for a more straight-and-narrow, pounding techno aesthetic that's heavy on rhythm and repition, while returning to the brighter, poppier aesthetic of the early Baths days, when he'd sample anime. If you ever wondered what it would sound like if Wiesenfeld did a record of Four Tet covers, you now have your answer. Sort of.   Tracks: Ocean Death Fade White Voyeur Orator Yawn