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No Joy
Blue Room Sessions

Well well well. What have we here. Seems Jack White’s Third Man Records have gone and done themselves another live session. We told you about those, didn’t we now Jack. Too many of them and they’ll be the death of you, Jack. Even if they are spunky shoegaze-grunge numbers from the lovable duo No Joy. Careful now, Jack.

No Joy / Sonic Boom
No Joy / Sonic Boom

This is a collaboration between this Canadian chanteuse and the... um... forgetful Spacemen 3 legend. In fact neither can remember quite how they met but here they pass compositions back and forth across the big pond resulting in a record way out of both artists comfort zone taking in electronica, noise and even trip hop along the way.  

No Joy
More Faithful

The third LP from No Joy is More Faithful which delivers some beautiful shoegaze that whirls around in reverb and almost chant-like vocals which layer over one another before being hooked back to earth with some concrete guitar work. It’s full of ethereal melodies which glance toward Slowdive and Curve before plowing its own groove and going with it.  

No Joy / Marnie Stern
'He Cried'/ 'Your Kids Are Going To Love This'

This 7" brings together frenetic guitar-tapper and efficient toilet humorist Marnie Stern with shoegaze experts No Joy. Stern offers up "Your Kids Are Going To Love This" on her end -- a typical song title for an artist who once made an album called This Is It and I Am It and You Are It and So Is That and He Is It and She Is It and It Is It and That Is 

No Joy
Pastel And Pass Out

No Joy continue their journey into cleaner focus with a 12” EP follow up to their second full-length, Wait to Pleasure. Thankfully there is still plenty of dreamgazing to be had in songs like opener Last Boss, which brings the noisy guitars crashing in after a patient build-up. Pastel and Pass Out is another goodun' on Mexican Summer.