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Girls Names
Stains on Silence

It looked like Girls Names were really onto something a few years ago with their dark swirling Echo & the Bunnymen style rock but then their drummer left and that was followed by a crisis of confidence about the recordings that have turned into 'Stains of Silence'. However, re-grouped, refreshed the band have re...view item »

Girls Names / Weird Dreams
A Troubled See / House of Secrets

I have apparently reviewed Girls Names before according to our search engine. My comparison to brittle twee pop bands on that release doesn’t hold sway on their track on this new split single. It has a dark edgy 80&rs...view item »

Gross Net
Quantitative Easing

Gross Net is Phillip Quinn of Girls Names, though it used to also by Christian Donaghey of Autumns. Quantitive Easing is the debut full-length of the project, which trades in queasy-feel industrial pop: cold-wave synths and drum machines, grey drones an...view item »

Girls Names
Zero Triptych

Girls Names return here with an 11-minute opus on a 12” for Tough Love. Yes - that is the sound of envelopes being pushed by the Irish troupe, whose surfy beginnings seem eons away, here. Their attempt at the Triptych structure establishes some abstract soundscapes before embarking upon a post-punk/new wave tip, w...view item »

Girls Names
Arms Around a Vision

Third album from Northern Irish band Girls Names, titled 'Arms Around A Vision'. With their usual abstract approach alongside cross-Europe influences ranging from Italian Futurism to Russian constructivism - it’s one for the muso in you. One for fans of Roxy Music and Joy Division. On cream vinyl, vinyl and CD on Tough Lov...view item »

Girls Names
The New Life

I seem to have reviewed every Girls Names record to date. Every time the words ‘Echo’ and ‘The Bunnymen’ are 100% guaranteed to feature somewhere within. They are a Belfast four piece who peddle ...view item »

Girls Names
The Next Life

No prizes for guessing who Girls Names are lampooning with the sleeve of their new EP. It’s not lazy, it’s satire...honest! Stupid sleeve aside, though, the music that’s going on here is pretty good. On side A there’s a single lengthy new track, a plodding bit of dark indie with l...view item »

Girls Names
The New Life EP

So, it turns out that my memory is not completely shot. About three minutes in, striking me like a pudding at a pantomime was the thought that I’d heard this lot before. They’ve gone through a slew of labels already including New York’s mega cool ...view item »

Girls Names
Dead To Me

So here's a supernaturally buzzing ghost-pop band from Belfast, olde Northern Ireland! I'm quite simply obsessed with this album & keep listening to the bastard thing slavishly, seemingly caught up in a delirious trance of heady nostalgia. But these cats is also minty fresh with the finest killer hooks & a casual effortlessness that is q...view item »

Girls Names
Don't Let Me In

Starting out sounding unbelievably like The Cannanes, this 12" by Girls Names soon introduces a male vocal not dissimilar than that of Steve Mason (Beta Band) but its brought way down in the mix and is used as another instrument to go with the crashing drums and scratchy bedroom guitars. By the sounds of the second track this is the default...view item »

Girls Names / Brilliant Colors
I Lose / You Win

The couple of Brilliant Corners....sorry Brilliant Colors previous releases I've heard have been nothing short of shocking but this is a vast improvement. Like their name they steal wholeheartedly from the mid 80's jangle pop scene, But first it's Belfast's Girls Names with 'I Love' which is a vibrant jangly indie tune with bright, sharp guitars...view item »