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Gum Takes Tooth

Utter monster released by the ever essential Rocket Recordings - home to Gnod, Goat, and Teeth of the Sea. ‘Arrow’ by London duo Gum Takes Tooth is epic in the true sense, with seismic jams blasted straight from the cosmos. This, however, should not imply their sound is airy or escapist, as Gum Takes Tooth are tuned into the turmoil of the present and their maximal sound is a reflection of that.

Gum Takes Tooth
Mirrors Fold

London's ritualistic dance-noise duo Gum Takes Tooth are back in business with a follow-up to their coruscating debut 'Silent Cenotaph'. This time they're taking a slight step back from the gnarly metallic madness of the debut for some trippy rhythmic explorations full of bugged out cosmic synths, crunching industrial-dub-doom noise and bustling tribal drums.
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  • Gum Takes Tooth

Gum Takes Tooth
Silent Cenotaph

Gum Takes Tooth are the newest and wildest in modern noise-math-rock. With crazed jungle beats, courtesy of Thomas Fuglesang, and a sound distorted and mangled by Jussi Brightmore, this energetic, if not to say psychopathic, debut album Silent Cenotaph is going to destroy everything you ever held dear. And you'll love it.