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Eternal Beams

New Age relax-o-trons and prolific musicians Seahawks follow up their critically lauded Escape Hatch LP with Eternal Beams. Two sides of exploratory music that make you feel nestled, comfortable and at peace before revitalising you, via pulsating sounds, dolphin noises and good vibes. LP and CD on Ocean Moon,...view item »


Seahawks, the new-agey tropical nu-kosmische project of Jon Tye and Pete Fowler, spin two tracks off of their Escape Hatch album and give them remixes, from Len Leise, Marius Circus and Nick Mackory. Everything sounds bright, sparkly an...view item »

Escape Hatch

Spacey new-age atmospheres from Seahawks, who deal with universally gentle textures and calming melodics. Escape Hatch, their fourth record, has saxophone, piano, bass and synth, all carefully processed into a friendly haze. The album closes with a grooving version of old Balearic tune ‘Valparaiso’ by ...view item »

Deep Haul

A bumper selection of music here: Seahawks present a great selection of material from artists including Prins Thomas, Pye Corner Audio and Captain Sunshine. The resultant Deep Haul is an excellent collection with a gorgeous sunny haze to it. On Ocean Moon, with the 500 ...view item »

Stranger Than Paradise

This remix 12" was previously only available from Piccadilly records but now we have it too! Good old us. Anyway it's a nice 12" of remixes from balearic psych-sters Seahawks but the main calling card for many of you is that it contains a Pye Corner Audio remix. Also appearing are Prins Thomas, ...view item »

Paradise Freaks

Ethereal and floaty, deep and colorful, Seahawks have always been drifting around the outer perimeters of dreams and waking life. Their newest album Paradise Freaks is another kite that floats on the winds of spacing vocals, with infinite pads rising like thermal streams while you float above the amalgam of sound....view item »

Aqua Disco

Another excursion from child-like pop artist Pete Fowler and his mate who runs/ran the inspirational and often strange Lo recordings (Hairy Butter...view item »

Violet Skies

Kicking of with the Cos/Mes remix of Love On A Mountain Top this ep of remixes of tracks from Seahawks LP Invisible Sunrise sets you up nicely for an evening of balearic bliss. Going straight into a nice bubbly (in a bath rather than jolly way) beat that is hard not to nod along to with nice atmospherics and a trip...view item »

Tender Abyss

I'm a big fan of the Seahawks, but to be honest struggled with this. As ever a lovely package, however I found this a little too indulgent. Wheras albums such as Aqua Disco or Invisible Sunrise can be a little noodling, they have a playfulness and retain either a feeling for the disco, or sunset beach bar that keep...view item »

Vision Quest One - Spaceships Over Topanga

Vision Quest. A native American rite of passage, but more importantly a classic eighties high school wrestling drama featuring Matthew Modine and Linda Fiorentino. You might know it as Crazy For You, since they wanted to cash in on the mint Madonna theme tune in some markets. Topanga. A canyon, but more importantly the girl from Boy Meets World ...view item »

Astral Winds/High Tides

These Seahawks are totally obsessed with space-age shit!! They love it! So here we have a themed picture disc 7" with a track that pays homage to the vast depths of the ocean and another celebrating the the unending vastness of the cosmos. The aquatic side is uber- aquatic! It's like swimming the briny depths of the ocean with a (waterproof) spl...view item »

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