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Hollow Body

Hollow Body is Manchester based Acre debut on Opal Tapes. As well as being a proper good DJ, you can probably tell from the track list that Acre is also dab hand at production. Hollow Body is a high concept sci-fi electronic master class, someone hire this guy for a soundtrack. 

Better Strangers

With previous EPs released on Tectonic, Cold Recordings and PAN’s sub-label Codes, Better Strangers is Acre’s album debut. From previous works showcasing rave flashbacks and heavily distorted jungle breaks akin to Andy Stott productions. From his own words Acre has injected more emotion into this release than previous outings, meaning this could be a pleasantly tough record to digest. Available on double LP or CD.

Acre / Filter Dread

  • Artist(s):
  • Acre

Acre / Fis
FABRICLIVE 80: Mumdance - Album Sampler 2

The Fabriclive format of carefully selected DJ sets from skilled producers is a great thing, but it would be criminal not to give tracks exclusive to the CD compilations a proper vinyl release wouldn’t it? Hence this 10” of Acre and Fis’s tracks from the forthcoming Fabriclive 80: Mumdance, serving as both sampler and stand-alone DJ tool.
  • Artist(s):
  • Acre

Hodge / Acre
X / Don’t Get Me Started

It really was about time - here’s another club/dance floor pleaser in our stock. Now Hodge and Acre’s last split basically ran off our shelves, so X / Don’t Get Me Started will probably do the same. Make sure you don’t miss the boat, because this vinyl-only release is limited to 500 pretty 12” pressings.

Icons EP

Another 4 offbeat movers from Mancunian Acre. Icons EP is a pretty hectic record through out, with Acre having a go at all sorts. It starts with some pretty bombastic percussion with syncopated bleeps and bloops and gets darker from there on in. He's taken his favorite bits of dance music and put his own twist on them. Out on 12" vinyl from Tectonic.