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Olan Mill

Alex Smalley makes his music under the name Olan Mill. On Orient, guitar and organ create a backdrop for delicate melodies plucked on a violin. Elsewhere layers of vocals and harp take over creating a stunning overall listening experience. Smalley has recorded for the Serein, Dronarvim and Preservation labels in the past. CD lim...view item »

Olan Mill
Cavade Morlem

Olan Mill is proud to present Cavade Morlem, a richly textured album of drone-based composition, built up from original tracks of voice, organ, violin and guitar (though much of the time, the origins of the sounds are obscured). A calming slice of sound, appropriately released on the Dronarivm album....view item »

Howlround, Kemper Norton, Olan Mill, Stephen C. Stamper, Clive Henry

Sometimes Runningonair put on a gig and produce a limited accompanying CD for the night, and this is one of those, from a show in Winchester this April. And would you look at that line-up! All winners, but of paricular note is Howlround, alias BBC sound scientist Robin the Fog, and also the heartbreaking soundscapery of Olan Mill....view item »

Olan Mill

This, believe it or not, is my first serious listen to Olan Mill whom we have formerly had two previous best-selling releases in by. While I'm not getting distracted by my utter dismay at somebody beating me to a stupidly rare and obscure CDr by S...view item »

Olan Mill
Half Seas Over

More gorgeous piano powered drone from the prolific Olan Mill. In the crowded field of modern composition and ambient, Alex Smalley’s newest project has created a unique space joining the emotional reach and oceanic swells of someone like Fennesz with subtle organic and instrumental touches drawn from field recording. The ...view item »

Olan Mill

I'm not familiar with Olan Mill but after the Nest CD on Serein I had a feeling it was gonna be a goodie so I've sat and listened to this a couple of times now. It is a goodie as well!! It's totally lush neo-classical infused ambience and I guess the nearest thing comparison I get to in my head is the most obvious one that is Stars of The Lid. I...view item »

Olan Mill & Keung Mandelbrot

Olan Mill and Keung Mandelbrot have long been friends but this is the first time the two have collaborated together on a record, one which apparently came together quite organically through the pair simply sitting down with guitars and improvising together. Here, over five tracks, they collect the results of these improvisations, a slow-burning ...view item »

Olan Mill

One of this weeks best sellers but strangely no review appears on the site. We were probably too busy slavering over their 3" CD on Hibernate which is now sold out. Don't weep yourself silly though, this full length album is full of the ghostly ambience that Olan Mill appear to have cornered the market in. I've been playing thi...view item »

Olan Mill
Land Cycle

I've had all manner of songs to review today so it's nice to be able to relax to something a bit less eager to impress. Pop records are like puppies sometimes, all jumping up at your knees yelping "look at me! Aren't I Nice! Can I have some of your biscuit?", when actually you just want to chill with a cat, which is what ambient, minimal, drone ...view item »

Olan Mill

PLEASE NOTE. WE'RE OUT OF THE DELUXE VERSION WITH THE CD AND FANCY THINGS. NOW IT'S JUST A REGULAR ALBUM WITH INSERT AND DOWNLOAD CODE (AND ITS MUCH CHEAPER!) Wow! This is possibly the nicest packaged LP I’ve ever seen. It’s nuts! It’s on heavy vinyl in a lush thick sle...view item »