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Zeitkratzer Vinyl, CD & tapes by Zeitkratzer at Norman Records

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Zeitkratzer with Terre Thaemlitz
Deproduction Live

  • CD (ZKR024)
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Zeitkratzer, Svetlana Spajić, Dragana Tomić & Obrad Milić
Serbian War Songs

Avant-chamber heroes Zeitkratzer present a set of interpretations of Serbian War Songs from (and about) the World War I era. On board for the project are the singers Svetlana Spajic, Dragana Tomic and Obrad Milic, helping to take traditional folk music into deep experimental territory. Serbian War Songs is out on Karlrecords.

Zeitkratzer + Elliott Sharp

Zeitkratzer are known for reimagining and performing compositions by artists such as Kraftwerk, Lou Reed, Whitehouse, Throbbing Gristle, and John Cage, here they work as the ensemble for New York avant-garde experimentalist Elliott Sharp. Recorded in Berghain, Berlin Oneirika utilises visual composition and freeform interpretation techniques.

Zeitkratzer Performs Songs From Kraftwerk 1 and 2

Led by Reinhold Friedl, Zeitkratzer are an ensemble of musicians who work with and reinterpret compositions by an ever reaching range of avant-garde and fringe artists. Their list of works include Lou Reed, Whitehouse, Throbbing Gristle, Stockhausen, John Cage. Now they turn their mad orchestra’s gaze upon the early works of Kraftwerk, specifically their first two albums.
  • Vinyl LP (KR035)
  • CD (ZKR021)

Reinhold Friedl
John Cage: Complete Song Books

Zeitkratzer head honcho Reinhold Friedl takes on John Cage’s 92-part work Song Books, a bizarro set of songs, instructions, Fluxus-esque performance ideas and much more besides. Friedl approaches the pieces with a serious non-seriousness, his wide array of sounds augmented by Rashad Becker’s electronics and ‘feedback cabinet’. Double LP on Karlrecords.

Reinhold Friedl: KORE

Zeitkratzer are not your usual classically trained orchestral collective. They’ve collaborated with Merzbow and Keiji Haino and they covered Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music in its entirety. On Reinhold Friedl: KORE from Karlrecords they bring their experimental skills to reinterpret classical and electronic composer Reinhold Freidl, making an incredible electroacoustic racket in process.
  • CD (ZKR020)

Plays Pres

The composers of the Polish Radio Experimental Studio are relatively poorly known, even by the standards of the electroacoustic music world: this release by Zeitkratzer on Bolt Records should hopefully go some way to redressing that balance. The electronic originals are transcribed and performed by Zeitkratzer as acoustic pieces, on classical instruments, bringing a new perspective to bear on this work.


Spanning all the hertz is the collaboration between Zeitkratzer and William Bennett. Whitehouse is an expedition into the endless possibilities one could start to address using only acoustic instruments and voices. The 5 tracks contain a broad array of orchestral instruments, wrong'un vocals and strings. The low end is so impressive for an acoustic ensemble that I'm almost convinced that they are lying. Dark as fuck. Out on Karl Records on vinyl LP.


You can always count on Zeitkratzer to surprise… Just when you’ve finally grown used to the idea of a classical ensemble playing noise music, they swing back the other way and start playing Songs! Though, of course, these songs are far from standards, they are drawn together by genuine vocals and lyrics. A (relatively) accessible Zeitkratzer release.

Karlheinz Stockhausen

Forward-looking European ensemble Zeitkratzer do occasionally have to look backwards, as they do here with a disc of Karlheinz Stockhausen pieces, but they acknowledge it, naming it part of their ‘Old School’ series. Besides, one could easily argue that Stockhausen is more of the future than of the past, if you wanted to make a point of it… On their own Zeitkratzer label.

Old School - Alvin Lucier

Alvin Lucier is best known for experiments in acoustics, like the stunning ‘I Am Sitting In A Room’. On this collection of Zeitkratzer-performed pieces, classical instruments used, though often with similarly abstract results. Pure, held tones are elicited from violins (‘Violynn’) and piano (‘Music For Piano With Magnetic Strings’), and frankly the results are beautiful. Also, a piece for solo triangle!

John Cage

Zeitkratzer, that provocative bunch of European contemporary performers / improvisers / noisemakers, turn their attention to three of John Cage’s late works. Sensitively and intelligently played, as can be expected from these time-scrapers: they make these potentially dry and abstract works visceral and affecting. Great kiwi close-up on the cover too.

Zeitkratzer & Carsten Nicolai

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Zeitkratzer & Terre Thaemlitz

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  • Zeitkratzer

Zeitkratzer + Keiji Haino

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Lou Reed & Zeitkratzer
Metal Machine Music

'Metal Machine Music' is that much debated record of Lou Reed's that might have just been made to annoy label bosses, or might have been a crowning achievement of avant-garde and noise. Or maybe both. Zeitkratzer had the genius idea to perform the record live and are now showing off a new version of the classic: this record is a release of each segment of 'Metal Machine Music', as played by Zeitkratzer. It collects live performances from around Italy. If you never thought 'Metal Machine Music' could be played by an orchestra, Zeitkratzer are here to blow your mind. The performances are mixed by Rashad Becker.