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Charlemagne Palestine Vinyl, CD & tapes from this artist at Norman Records

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Charlemagne Palestine
Ttuunneesszz Duh Rruunneesszz (Blue TB7 Series)

The highly respected composer and artist Charlemagne Palestine has long adored Moog synthesizers, and started experimenting with them in the 60s. Well now is very different from then, and having been given access to the moog lab he dove right in to create 6 longform drone pieces utilizing as many oscillators as he could imagine....view item »

Charlemagne Palestine
Interrvallissphereee (Blue TB7 Series)

Part of a two part release that capture Charlemagne Palestine’s first session in the Moog Sound Lab.  Having had a long relationship with the tools the composer has leapt at the chance to create what he has dreamed about for the last 50 years. Creating 6 long form drone works, this 12’s brings a single 50 minute...view item »

Charlemagne Palestine

A release to coincide with a retrospective exhibition celebrating the work of minimalism's chief oddball Charlemagne Palestine. Charlie can make the same three notes feel more meaningful than most musicians' entire careers, and this self-made recording from 1974 New York is no exception. Come for the piano, stay for the ani...view item »

Charlemagne Palestine
Strumming Music

Essential vinyl reissue of Charlemagne Palestine's seminal 1974 LP 'Strumming Music'. A mesmerising work of classic 20th Century minimalism, that originally appeared on the legendary French Shandar imprint (home to Philip Glass, Sun Ra, La Monte Young, Terry Ri...view item »

Charlemagne Palestine & Grumbling Fur Time Machine Orchestra
Omminggg & Schlomminggg

Eccentric legend of minimalism Charlemagne Palestine teams up with experimental pop duo Grumbling Fur (in their extra-experimental Time Machine Orchestra mode) for a second time on Omminggg & Schlomminggg, which was recorded in front of a live audience in Copenhagen last year. Piano...view item »

Charlemagne Palestine

Um, ye, that cover does it for me. I’ll take one. Pretty neat that the music inside of Godbear by Charlemagne Palestine is also epic. From 1987, Godbear was originally intended to come out out on Glenn Branca's Neutral Records but eventually emerged on CD, on the now defu...view item »

Charlemagne Palestine & Grumbling Fur Time Machine Orchestra

Most commonly associated with the New York, sixties, minimalist scene, shamanic improviser Charlemagne Palestine is best known for his falsetto vocals and extended performances with beautiful, classical instruments and cathedral organs. This collaborative performance with Grumbling Fur alter-ego the Time Machine Orchestra is an exploration of au...view item »

Charlemagne Palestine & Rhys Chatham
Youuu + Mee = Weee

Here is the third collaboration record from Sub Rosa. Charlemagne Palestine (studied under Morton Subotnick/La Monte Young) and Rhys Chatham (The Dream Syndicate) merge their heads together. 166 minutes of two musical explorers going at it and b...view item »

Charlemagne Palestine & Rhys Chatham
Youuu + Mee = Weee (First)

Charlemagne Palestine and Rhys Chatham are two avant-garde performers from the 1970s who tried to break out of genre and the idea of meaning and beauty in music. They have come together for the first time on a recording here. Influences from minimalism to punk rock, with myriad instruments as well as the pervadi...view item »

Charlemagne Palestine & Janek Schaefer
Day of The Demons

I've got another record full of drones to review. This one's got lots of layered keyboards on it, sometimes there's some mystical vocals going on too. Sometimes it's spiritual and relaxing, sometimes a bit more creepy and ominous, but whether or not you like it will mostly depend on wheth...view item »