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Forest Swords

Matthew “Forest Swords” Barnes gets The Invitation from the !K7 crowd, a sure measure of success. The selections for his mix prove eclectic and certainly more interested in portraying a range of great music than a seamless, segued mix experience. You’ve got Kara-Lis Coverdale, David Too...view item »

Forest Swords

Much anticipated third album from acclaimed Merseyside- based producer Matthew Barnes aka Forest Swords. Barnes as many of us is in despair at the current uncertain world and has drawn inspiration from new ways of communication and has taken this into his music. The crux of the album is about blurring the lines between digital a...view item »

Forest Swords
Shrine (Original Dance Score)

This is the original score, written by Forest Swords, for a solo dance piece called Shrine performed by Owen Ridley-Demonick and choreographed by Carmel Koster. The audio piece itself begins with breathy shuffling and scrapes, imagine Holly Herndon doing a release on Tr...view item »

Forest Swords

I just listened to the execrable new album from Money, or at least as much of it as the office could bear before Phil insisted I switch it off some way into track four. My despair has been eased somewhat by the fact that I have this absolute corker of a new album by Forest Swords...view item »

Forest Swords
Fjree Feather EP

It says EP on the blurb but this would pass for an album in most people's minds. What we have here is an incredibly limited, white vinyl, soon to be out of print collection of early demo material from the man who wowed us with his excellent 'Dagger Paths' opus. This was previously released on very limited ...view item »

Forest Swords
Dagger Paths

Always a worry when you get a CD plonked into your hands with the words "you'll love this" but this one passes the Clint shit-o-meter with flying colours. Initially there's a spectacular cross fusion of genres here. Mmmmm! Fusion! It fits somewhere between what we now call witch step (sorry) and the haunting soundtrack-y atmospheres of a La Brad...view item »

Forest Swords
Rattling Cage

After the roaring success of the debut Forest Swords LP on Olde English Spelling Bee I should imagine expectations are high in anticipation of this little bad boy of a seven inch. Rest assured though, you kids won't be disappointed. This is mint. A-side 'Rattling Cage' (I'd have preferred 'Rattling Cages' like you would down at city hall but eac...view item »