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Bad Acne EP

Finally new 12" by Cex on Tigerbeat 6. Unfortunately Cex's rapping style owes an enormous debt to Will Smith circa Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Public Enemy it is not but fortunately the other side is instrumental versions of the same tracks which shows that he hasn't lost ...view item »

Oops I Did It Again

Rock Action have rather kindly reissued the Cex CD of Oops I Did It Again with extra tracks. It's an interesting mix of fucked beats, electronica and nice acoustic guitar. Suitably dark whilst being quite light and upbeat. It's got 3 extra tracks on too. Did I say it had 3 extra tracks on??? Als...view item »

Being Ridden

Something else good now.... the new Cex album. On 2 CD's and 1 dbl LP. There's the vocal version of the album on one CD, an instrumental version on the other and the dbl album comprises both which is a bit of a bargain if you ask me. This is sooo good....... Being Ridden is by far the best thing by him...view item »

Cex vs Com A, Kid 606, Knifehandchop, Various
Fight Club

Various- Fight Club EP on Tigerbeat 6. Features all yr fave T6 stars all remixing each other. If I had more time I'd list 'em all. Needless to say it's one big incestuous love fest electronic orgy of filth and depravity. Actually it's electronic music like the label used to do with a k...view item »

Starship Galactica

Temporary Residence have kindly reissued the long out of print Starship Galactica album by Cex. This was on 555 recs and if you missed out then buy it cos it's ace and if that wasn't enough there's 3 bonus tracks on. Though on the sticker it says 4 bonus tracks we could only see 3 on the back. I used to be quite good at mat...view item »

Cex, Arovane, Casino V Japan, Various
Badaboom Gramophone iss 5

Here goes then. Badaboom Gramophone number 5 is in. Super love love thick book and CD from America including exclusive tracks by Cex, Bogdan Raczinsky, Hausmeister, Marumari, Solex, Arovane, Casino Vs Japan, Telstar Ponies, Flowchart and lots more folks I've just never heard of. A big thick read...view item »

Kid 606 vs Cex
Shotgun Wedding Vol. 3: Oh, So Now You Fuckers Wanna Dance?

Ooooh! What's this amusing looking CD here? Oh no! It looks like It's by those heinous children from South Park, a television show my mater forbade me from viewing for fear of corruption! (It's by Kid 606 & Cex, you posh doylum...x the gaffer) What!! You're forcing me to listen to this? Oh actually....It's not th...view item »

Mogwai, Papa M, Cex, Various
Rock Action Presents Vol 1

Little Scots fingermuffins Mogwai released their 1st ever single, years ago, on tiny self run imprint Rock Action. Now, that small but creatively fertile label has grown in stature to the point where EMI are quaking in their boots. With laughter. I mean...Part Chimp? It's basically a platform for t...view item »

Tall, Dark & Handcuffed

Another person who is a bit of a moron is Cex who has recently given up making interesting electronica to start producing hopeless hip hop albums. The new one on Tigerbeat 6 sounds a bit like Will Smith if he was a dumb white trash college jock. On the first track on the album he says 'I'...view item »

Cex, Yo La Tengo, Static, Various
Sonar 2002

Sonar 2002 Festival- Thar comp CD is in now of dbl fun packed electronica, experimental and the avant garde. Strictly for those with interesting facial forestry. Apart from it's got a pic of Maradona on the front who looks like he's lost a bit of weight after his recent Jabba pics fiasco....view item »