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When touring his excellent book, Retromania, journalist Simon Reynolds suggested that Actress was the only musician he could think of who hadn't succumbed to temptation of nostalgia. Whether or not you agree with Reynolds, it's hard to argue that more »

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Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra

Following the single release of ‘Audio Track 5’ last September, Ninja Tune now offer up an entire LP of Darren “Actress” Cunningham’s collaboration with London Contemporary Orchestra, which first performed at the Barbican in 2016 (helpfully, ‘Audio Track 5’ is track 8 he...view item »

Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra
Audio Track 5

Sure, why not? Sounds like a good fit: experimental techno producer Actress follows up the phenomenal AZD on a collaboration with the London Contemporary Orchestra, offering new pieces as well as older cuts in a new framework. His penchant for loop-based work is here joined with...view item »


It’s been three years since Actress released his last full length Ghettoville, and after what seemed to be a farewell press release drawing a line under the Actress project I’m sure we’re not the only ones who will be glad to receive this news. Seemingly playing round the ideas of lang...view item »

Meets Shangaan Electro

You know you want this. The abstract master is the latest in a long line of progressive beatsmiths to rework the Shaangan material in their own vision. On side A his vision  falls somewhere between Jamal Moss's whacked-out electronic whipcrack frequencies, carried by a sublime thumpe...view item »

Bird Matrix (Remixes)

Bird Matrix, a one-off tune that Actress dropped on his DJ Kicks mix earlier this year, is reworked by Kid606 (who turns in both a ‘Club’ and a ‘Dub’ version) and Simbiosi, both of whom take the track to deep new territory. Also included is &lsq...view item »


Actress is known for mixing it up in his DJ sets, unafraid to shift BPMs and genres dramatically. This mix for DJ Kicks (the 49th in the series) is his first commercially released mix, finally allowing the home listener to hear what he gets up to on the decks. Includes tracks from Autechre, Mark...view item »


Perhaps Darren Cunningham should have reserved the title of his previous album (R.I.P) for his latest sprawling opus ‘Ghettoville’. The word on the streets of the information superhighway is that this is the final album from Actress. Whether that is in fact true, and whether it is just that particular ...view item »


Just when we thought Darren Cunningham had retired his Actress moniker this black label 12” arrives out of the blue. Was it bullshit? Is this a posthumous release? Who know’s but I for one am glad to have another record from the man. I thought it was pretty funny that most critics just couldn’t get with the gloomy vibes of &lsq...view item »

Grey Over Blue

I’ve been loving this Actress 12” since it landed at HQ earlier this week. Now I’ve finally sat down to compose a review with an ice cold Old Jamaican Ginger Beer to compose a review, one of our delivery guys passed a comment; “Listening to more weird music eh? I’ bet you lot are suicid...view item »

Paint, Straw And Bubbles

I've had high hopes for this fella since his super promising Hazyville album a year or two back so it's quite exciting that he seems to be revving up for a new one. The lead track here is probably the least immediate on the record when listening to it casually but there's a real depth to it. Every sound is meticulously detailed and highly unusual a...view item »

Silver Cloud

New 12” from the much heralded Actress, in fact not an actress at all but a man called Darren. The opening track starts with a clicky sound which goes on indefinitely. It is soon joined by a nice distant gentle rolling Rhodes piano sample which at least one of us think may have previously belonged to ...view item »


“I'm just an instrument”, Darren Cunningham has stated recently. If so, he's surely constructed entirely from wires, circuits, buttons, plastic casing and keys so he must look bloody weird when he's stood in Tesco express ...view item »

Rainy Dub / Faceless

Actress is another artist totally pushing the boundaries of this thing they now call bass music. I really enjoy his fascinating progressive style and this double header of new tracks won't be appearing on his upcoming 2012 album. 'Faceless' is the side I'm initially drawn to and it fires a...view item »


You can always tempt me with a bit of dubby techno and so here we are with a new album by Actress. This is an album of beautifully hazy ambience by Werk Discs founder and controller Darren J. Cunningham. The first track opens with shards of lovely atmospheric synths/treated guitars beneath which there is cut up vocal. Track two has more cut up f...view item »

No Tricks

Remember that nice Werk One comp 12"?? We now have Werk Two in by Actress. Crunchy electronica, some mashed sounding electro hip hop.... and more strange things... This is very good indeed. It sounds like a comp 12" cos all the tracks sound different. They're obviously a schizo. fecking ace....view item »