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You've Got Foetus on Your Breath

You’ve Got Foetus On Your Breath AKA Foetus is Australian musician JG Thirwell. He has had a number of aliases over the years: Clint Ruin Wiseblood and started the projects Manorexia, Xordox and Steroid Maximus. Deaf was originally released in 1981. It’s best described as weird noise electronic punk pop. Thirwell has collaborated with loads of artists over the years from Nick Cave to Lydia Lunch and Nine Inch Nails to Karen O.
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JG Thirlwell & Simon Steensland

Oscillospira is a fascinating meeting between two unique yet very different artists - New York-based composer and producer JG Thirlwell and Swedish theatrical music composer Simon Steensland. Playing light and dark, good and evil, tension and relaxation off of each other, it’s like the soundtrack to some long-lost David Lynch movie. 
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  • JG Thirlwell


Debut release of a new project from J.G. Thirlwell (Foetus), Xordox has it’s gaze set firmly on deep space and exploration of alien worlds. Neospection plays out like a lost revision of the soundtrack to Tron, thick retro-futuristic synthesis with a driving narrative to an imagined film. CD and LP on Editions Mego.
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  • JG Thirlwell

Zola Jesus (W/ Jg Thirlwell & Mivos Quartet)

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JG Thirlwell
Manorexia: The Mesopelagic Waters

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