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Kyle Bobby Dunn
Kyle Bobby Dunn and the Infinite Sadness

Apparently some dude from Pitchfork reckons Kyle is the king of drone. Like, can you imagine if this music started affecting all walks of society instead of stressed middle class office workers. He'd have to really get his stage act together for the arena tours. Anyway, my granddad, he's the king of drone right. He goes on and on etc about the w...view item »

Kyle Bobby Dunn
Ways Of Meaning

This guy has been quietly amassing a high quality body of work on labels like Kning Disc, Low-Point, Housing, Sedimental, Standard Form etc. This is another record focusing on memory which is something that interests me greatly. I just love how a sound can take you right back to a mo...view item »

Kyle Bobby Dunn
Fragments and Compositions Of

This is a vinyl re-issue of Dunn’s debut which originally drifted into consiousness back in 2008 and as you might expect, if you’ve heard his other work, it comprises of a series of beautiful violin drones. I assume its a violin,  he is certainly using or some sort of stringed instrument and its highly processed so that you can&...view item »

Kyle Bobby Dunn
In Miserum Stercus

Minimalist droner Kyle Bobby Dunn has spent years honing his patient, celestial craft, carving precise melodic swells of treated guitar, and this new LP is no different, although in the press release he does describe it as “the most sombre and depressing music I’ve ever made”. It&rs...view item »

Kyle Bobby Dunn
Bring Me The Head Of

Kyle Bobby Dunn, or KBD as he's going to be known as for the duration of this review, is back with a brand new 2CD opus on Low Point. 'Bring Me The Head Of' is a 2CD set (much like 'A...view item »

Kyle Bobby Dunn
A Young Person's Guide To

This CD's called A Young Person's Guide to Kyle Bobby Dunn which is like that John Fahey box set except this one says 'Kyle Bobby Dunn' where the other one says 'John Fahey'. There's two discs and I've just put one on. It's just starting now. There's a note happening. Can't really write something until it changes a bit.. Aaaany minute now. So I'm t...view item »

Kyle Bobby Dunn
Rural Route No.2

Lovely fold out 3" CD thing. Dunn revisits his childhood places and creates stretched out long form drones which develop and pulse away with the metallic mangled up with the softer organic. Kind of scary yet at times soothing....view item »