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Everyone loves a good bit of harmonium right? Glen Steenkiste, a player with psych band Sylvester Anfang II, certainly does, as he has dedicated his solo project Hellvete...view item »

Luster / Hellvete

2 different takes on the folkdrone sub-genre that Belgian label Morc do so well. Hellvete is a solo project centred around electronically-treated harmonium, while Luster is a new grouping that involves ao annelies monseré ...view item »

Urpf Lanze/Edgar Wappenhalter/Hellvete
Split EP

Bloody hell, this person with the eccentric first name sounds like he playing a detuned acoustic with the edge of a frisbee whilst attempting a howling-wind-meets-whimpering-dog impression. His "tune", 'The Wandering Sick' is surprisingly engaging though, the chiming resonance of batt...view item »

Sint - Denijs

Ommmmmmmm...I’m floating off into a sea of deep organic droneswells, it’s like an orchestra tuning up while someone absent-mindedly pumps away on a harmonium. The longer this goes on the more spiritual and relaxing it becomes as you pick out tiny details playing around underneath. Its apparent stillness soon becomes absorbed by shimm...view item »

De Gek

The Sylvester Anfang II LP from earlier this year steamed into my top ten of the year (the only top ten that counts, remember) and on the first couple of listens I've found this Hellvete LP on Kraak to be a perfect companion piece to that deathly and ritualistic psychedelic drone masterwork, coming as it does from one of the key figures in that who...view item »

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