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Carlton Melton
Hidden Lights

San Franciscan psychedelic trippy guys Carlton Melton unleash the first fruits of their new jams with this 25 minute three track EP. This is the first offering since Out To Sea and should showcase further cosmic journeys this time augmented by Phil Manley (Fucking Champs etc) in the production chair.&nb...view item »

Carlton Melton
Mind Minerals

These psych freaks are named like a solo artist but make their noise as a bunch of plural. In 2015 they released arguably their most expansive record yet, a noodling monolith of tight rhythms and paths less travelled. They follow it up with Mind Minerals, an attempt at upgrading artistic impressions of futurism that's proudly label...view item »

Carlton Melton

Psychedelic professor types Carlton Melton follow up the monolithic riff zig-zagging of 'Out To Sea' with five more tracks in the very same vein. These tracks didn't find a place amongst the sequencing of that record, but now they've washed up on shore and are ready to hypnotise your ears, which is a thing psych rock does. Lovely LP via Agi...view item »

Carlton Melton / Kandodo 3

Get spacey with the latest release from Carlton Melton, those well-regarded purveyors of stretched-out psych-rock jams. They take three tracks of this 12” split: the other side belongs to kandodo 3, a spin-off from The Heads, taking an even more spaced approach to music than the mother-ban...view item »

Carlton Melton
Out To Sea

Out To Sea by Carlton Melton sees the band growing their psychedelic palette with a thundering rhythm section, cosmic guitar riffs, searing solos and analog synth action wrapped in an ethereal prog bubble. Fans of The Heads, Parson Sound, Bardo Pond and Faust...view item »

Bardo Pond / Carlton Melton

Both these bands belong in the 'rock' end of the psychedelic rock spectrum and this split comprises a monster jam from each. On Bardo Pond's side we're treated to a massive searing doomy instrumental psych dirge with bombastic drums and chunky fuzzed out wedges of guitar underpinning much ...view item »

Carlton Melton / Mugstar
Company / Black Fountain

Bit of an exciting one, this. Both of these bands are consistently strong performers on the modern psych landscape, as you're probably already aware if you're reading this, and on this split they both deliver quiet similarly paced repeato jams with tribal rhythms and not many notes, pick...view item »

Carlton Melton
Always Even

Cosmic rock’s prolific bong voyagers Carlton Melton are back once again this week with yet another full-length offering of hypno-drones deep space whooshes and bobbling repeato riffs. In case you’re unfamiliar with this lot by now, they specialise in a head-nodding soup of astral drones and krauty...view item »

Carlton Melton
Handling Snakes / The One That Got Away

This rrrraaawwwwkkks! This has totally lifted me out of my slumber! It's a massive rifftastic stonery jam which sounds like it's been recorded in a toilet. Awesome! It sounds like it's a live recording with wailing guitars and lots of dirty ride cymbals and crash cymbals flailing around the place. My head is uncontrollably nodding as I type whic...view item »

Carlton Melton/ Qumran Orphics

Qumran Orphics? Who they then? Dunno but Carlton Melton I know and here's a split LP (250 made and there's 50 in the UK factfans) featuring both artists on some weird red and black splatty vinyl. Someone very nicely said it looked like I'd prolapsed all over the record. Thanks. Carlton do long stonery filthy sounding instrumentals somewhere in b...view item »

Carlton Melton
Four Eyes

Those fantastic psych explorers Carlton Melton have a new album this week on Blackest Rainbow and we’ve been lucky enough to snag some of the extra-limited coloured copies too, which is a bonus. On this LP they’re playing four lengthy groove-roc...view item »

Carlton Melton
Photos of Photos

Carlton Melton are a band whose releases I almost invariably enjoy, with a mixture of deep, dark riffing and detailed psychedelic chuntering creating an uniquely meditative stoner vibe which falls somewhere between the riff-mongering of the likes of ...view item »

Carlton Melton
Smoke Drip

I’ve often thought it’d be handy to have a smoke drip. That way I wouldn’t have to wait until I was outside before getting high, I could just discreetly pipe some more into my arm while I was sitting here at the desk writing reviews. Eventually it might help facilitate m...view item »

Carlton Melton
Pass It On

Carlton Melton are a free form, experimental, psychedelic rock outfit from Northern California who enjoy recording their deep fried, improvised super rock in the pleasant surroundings of a geodesic domes. This is applaudable behaviour in my opinion, especially if you are gonna get totally baked and rock triple hard!!! Their first recording 'Live in...view item »

Carlton Melton/ Empty Shapes

If this was the soundtrack for a movie starring the late Patrick Swayze, the movie would be called "Dirgey Dancing". First up to the spinny plate are Carlton Melton, and they offer up two slabs of pure dirge/noise. It reminds me of The Stooges, or mebbe even Black Flag in its sonic assault/production. It's repetitive and brooding all at the same...view item »