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Carlton Melton
Hidden Lights

The council of psychedelia known as Carlton Melton unleash another slab of wax and have the audacity to call it an EP. It’s twenty five minutes long, that I’ll grant you, but over three tracks. Psych rock is a differ...view item »

Carlton Melton
Mind Minerals

The truth at the heart of the matter is that if I listened to this whole Carlton Melton record right now I’d have chewed up a good hour plus of my work day, and also would be incapable of doing anything outside of the rhythm of particular, churning drumbeats. As such I’m giving ‘Mind Minerals’ a primer. To call it the ban...view item »

Carlton Melton / Kandodo 3

Depending on whether you like your psych to sound like it’s been made for the arse-end of a messy garage or to be shot into the blank ether of space, your mileage may vary, but Carlton Melton and Kandodo 3 have just dropped one of 2015’ biggest treats. Their version of the genre takes on the latter styling, with guitars layered, ambi...view item »

Carlton Melton
Out To Sea

On ‘Out To Sea’ there are few, if any surprises, because psych rock is a creature of habits. Over eleven tunes, Carlton Melton continue to do what they do rather fucking adequately, swirling their guitars around and around like they’re caught in slow-mo rapids. When we last checked in with them on their split with ...view item »

Carlton Melton
Always Even

Cosmic rock’s prolific bong voyagers Carlton Melton are back once again this week with yet another full-length offering of hypno-drones deep space whooshes and bobbling repeato riffs. In case you’re unfamiliar with this lot by now, they specialise in a head-nodding soup of astral drones and krauty...view item »

Carlton Melton
Photos of Photos

Carlton Melton are a band whose releases I almost invariably enjoy, with a mixture of deep, dark riffing and detailed psychedelic chuntering creating an uniquely meditative stoner vibe which falls somewhere between the riff-mongering of the likes of ...view item »

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