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Cass McCombs
Mangy Love

I don’t know what it is with Cass McCombs. I own and enjoy several of his records yet when he releases a new one I’m not all that bothered and as I place the needle on his latest opus I am somehow surprised that it sounds really good. I should know this by now to trust him but there’s something about Cass t...view item »

Cass McCombs
A Folk Set Apart

Why can I never completely get on with Cass Mccombs despite him writing quite a lot of music I actually like? His brilliant dirge-like ‘Wits End’ being a career highlight which i thoroughly enjoyed but what is it that stops me from ever declaring myself a fan? Is it that he releases too much music? Possible. Could it be the s...view item »

Cass McCombs
Big Wheel (And Others)

It has come to my attention that I have never reviewed a Cass McCombs record before. This dude must’ve been churning out the discs for about 10 years now so it’s about time I scribed something about him I suppose. Here’s his latest, and possibly his most ambitious to date - a mammoth 19-song d...view item »

Cass McCombs
WIT'S END / Humor Risk

If you've heard the past album, then trust me that this one is just about as good, but you may find the listening experience different. It's a little quieter and dirge-like, not as hook-laden, and the average song is longer, the last one being over nine minutes. I did find the vocal lines to get repetitive in many parts, as they often followed m...view item »

Cass McCombs
Humor Risk

Cass McCombs has been knocking about for a while being rather good at what he does but not exciting me enough to invest myself in his work. This is his fifth record for Domino and his second in a year so he certainly ain't no slacker... well, not musically anyway. 'Humor Risk' starts with ...view item »

Cass McCombs
Wit's End

Cass McCombs recently announced that he would only be doing press interviews by letter. Good on him I say, journalism has become so lazy these days ever since email came into being. Cut and paste, cut and paste. Leaving all that aside, something has obviously got into Cass in recent times, with an album called 'Wits End' containing a track calle...view item »

Cass McCombs

Cass McCombs has his 'Catacombs' full length out this week and it kicks off with 'Dreams-Come-True-Girl' which was the preceding single that Brian reviewed the other week so I'll skip that tune.. Okay so you probably already know the score with this guys music. He's highly regarded as being one of the kings of the current bunch of American singer s...view item »

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