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David Toop
Field Recording and Fox Spirits

A collection of personal recordings, spanning live performance, field recordings and interview snippets, from former Flying Lizards member and author David Toop. Coming with a 40-page booklet that includes visual works and images plus an interview with Toop himself, Field Recordings and Fox Spirits is a valuable insight. 

David Toop
Apparition Paintings

Apparition Paintings is a new studio album from author, artist and former Flying Lizards member David Toop, featuring input from the likes of Elaine Mitchener, Keiko Yamamoto and Yifeat Ziv. Accompanying a new collection of personal archival recordings spanning over 40 years, it demonstrates that Toop’s creative resources are far from being exhausted.

General Strike
Danger in Paradise

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Ken Ikeda + David Toop
Skin Tones

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David Toop / Jan Hendrickse / Cath Roberts / CUEE

A split here, containing a fresh and exciting collaboration on each side. On side A, experimental music’s elder statesman David Toop pairs with Jan Hendrikse in order to actualise a text score by Chieko Shiomi, very quietly. On side B, Cath Roberts, the sax leader of Sloth Racket, leads the large City University Experimental Ensemble in a performance of new work of hers. Out on multi.modal.
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David Toop + Paul Burwell
Suttle Sculpture

David Toop has been investigating free improvised music through writing and performance for many years now: this release documents his work with Paul Burwell in the form of a 1977 session in Brussels. Suttle Sculpture has never previously been released in any form, and they offer an insight into the creation and development of music that still sounds cutting edge. Vinyl from Sub Rosa.

Max Eastley / Steve Beresford / Paul Burwell / David Toop
Whirled Music

Oren Ambarchi’s Black Truffle label presents the first ever reissue of this 1980 collaboration of David Toop, Steve Beresford, Paul Burwell and Max Eastley, major improvising musicians all. Whirled Music features exclusively whirled instruments: e.g. objects and instruments that are spun around in the air, producing a whole variety of sonic effects. Rare and intriguing material, from both live performances and outdoor recordings.

David Toop
Life On The Inside

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David Toop

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