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Six By Seven
Das Ist England

Das Ist England by Six By Seven is an English/German komische album that the Nottingham band insist has nothing to do with Brexit. It’s an album of friendship. An album of motorik beats a la Neu with the visceral drive of Sonic Youth. This album was funded via Kickstarter, so it really is one for the fans.

Six By Seven
The World Hates Me And The Feeling Is Mutual

Nottingham’s ‘90s indie favourites Six By Seven seem to be expressing how we all felt as teenagers with their new Kickstarter-funded concept album The World Hates Me And The Feeling Is Mutual. The album mixes psychedelia and krautrock with each track blending into one another to create an immersive listening experience. Orange vinyl, limited to 300 copies on Saturday Night, Sunday Morning.

Six By Seven
Abstraktion 12

Some Krautish psychedelia here from Nottingham’s Six By Seven. There are some long-ass tracks on Abstraktion 12, man - three of them clock in at well over ten minutes and a fourth isn’t far off. Value for money if nothing else. These numbers are heady psych-rock brews, all wailing guitars and rumbling bass. The record's best moment comes when Six By Seven ease up a little and deliver the charming dawn chorus ‘Would You Die For Me?’. Also three of the four band members are called Chris, which probably makes practices a little confusing.
  • Vinyl Double LP (SNSM08LP2018)
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only

Six By Seven

Six By Seven have been a long running psych/kraut/alt rock band who are now pretty much run by leader Chris Olley. This albums sees him further explore his roots in the now very fashionable German kraut rock and kosmische scene and has only used instruments and equipment that were available in the era. 

Walls Of Dada
Walls Of Dada

Walls Of Dada are not quite a true absurdist Dada performance act: they are actually more into coldwave synth-pop. One member of Six By Seven and one member of The Dandy Warhols pooled their collections of vintage synths and guitars and made this record old-style: everything put through amps and bounced to four-track machines, with only the most minimal of overdubs. Walls Of Dada is thus a proper vintage coldwave record. Released by Saturday Night Sunday Morning.
  • Artist(s):
  • Chris Olley