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Bert Jansch
A Man I’d Rather Be (Part II)

The Man I’d Rather Be (Part II) is a 4 LP or 4 CD box set documenting the solo work of the legendary and influential guitarist Bert Jansch. The focus is on the late ‘60s and early ‘70s  where Jansch worked from a wider palette, mixing pop, blues and baroque into his folk sound. Bassist Danny Thomps...view item »

Bert Jansch
A Man I’d Rather Be (Part I)

Is it time to tell my Bert Jansch story? Actually I'd better get back to actual work such as checking emails or whatever but very quickly it involves a friend who meets a guy called Bert who is always playing his guitar in his local neighbourhood. One day he tells Bert that not to worry, one day your music will be discovered. He later finds out ...view item »

Bert Jansch
Living In The Shadows Part 2: On The Edge Of A Dream

Part two of the Living In The Shadows series, sub-titled On The Edge Of A Dream, contains the final recordings of Bert Jansch. This is everything the folk legend recorded in the 2000’s: the three albums Crimson Moon, Edge Of A Dream and The Black Swan, plus an extra disc of unre...view item »

Bert Jansch
The Black Swan (single)

The title track from the late Bert Jansch’s final album, rightfully presented as a single in the 7” format here. It’s a remarkable song, featuring Jansch’s noble old voice and guitar wrapped around melancholy cello lines from Helena Espvall (Espers). And ...view item »

Bert Jansch with Loren Auerbach
Colours Are Fading Fast

Awww this is so lovely. A collaboration between sweet voiced folkie Loren Auerbach and soon-to-be-husband folk guitar tangler Bert Jansch. The sweet sounds will remind listeners of the likes of Virginia Astley and Vashti Bunyan. Remastered from the original tapes, including a third disc of previously unheard material....view item »

Bert Jansch
Living In The Shadows

Living In The Shadows is a beautiful archival treat of a release, containing Bert Jansch’s three albums of the 1990’s: Toy Balloon, When The Circus Comes To Town and The Ornamen...view item »

Bert Jansch
Live In Australia

Bert Jansch, playing Live In Australia, in a cafe in 1998. This is a highly direct set, being mostly comprised only of Bert and his guitar, singing familiar favourite songs and newer lat-90’s material alike. The audio has been carefully remastered for this release, which is available on CD or LP, ...view item »

Bert Jansch
From The Outside

Bert Jansch has always been a reliable prospect, whether solo or in Pentangle. From The Outside, which features nothing but the good man’s voice, guitar and banjo, was first released in 1985 in a small edition on a Belgian label; what’s more, its reissue history has featured a variety of tra...view item »

Bert Jansch
Birthday Blues

Hey there Bert, I know the feeling. You've just turned twenty-one and you're hoping for a loving appraisal from all your friends, but instead you end up eating pizza and watching The Room in bed. Birthdays, huh? Initially released in 1969, 'Birthday Blues' sees Bert Jansch make slight modifications to the jazz-folk sound appar...view item »

Bert Jansch

Bert Jansch’s fifth album for the Transatlantic label was Nicola, one of Jansch’s fullest-sounding records as a result of some luscious string arrangements on some of the tracks. As ever, Jansch’s deft acoustic guitar and rich voice carry his folk material perfectly. T...view item »

Bert Jansch
Rosemary Lane

Bert Jansch’s seventh and last album for Transatlantic closed off his incredible run of folk material released through the label. With both original numbers and interpretations of traditional songs, Rosemary Lane is a sparse, but beautifully rich collection. This reissue on Sanctuary has been remastered from the o...view item »

Bert Jansch

Please note the limited versions are now OOP! Earth Recordings have gone above and beyond on this phenomenal reissue of Bert Jansch’s Avocet. Not only do you get Jansch’s gorgeous and varied folk songs, but newly remastered recordings and stunning packaging. The CD is a uniq...view item »

Bert Jansch

A friend of mine was visiting his sister in London when she introduced him to a neighbour who was known locally as a musician. My friend liked the guy and listened intently to him play then on departure innocently wished him well with his music career. It was only later he was informed that the man was Bert Jansch. If this goes ...view item »

Bert Jansch and John Renbourn
Bert and John

Bert Jansch and John Renbourne are, quite rightly, two highly respected figures in the British folk tradition. Apparently they shared a flat at the time of Bert and John, and that intimacy really comes through in the sound of these pieces. Their delicious guitar lines mesh around each perfectly. Remaste...view item »

Bert Jansch
It Don't Bother Me

The Transatlantic Records section of Bert Jansch’s peerless back catalogue is being reissued by Sanctuary. It Don’t Bother Me followed hot on the heels of his debut, and consequently finds the singer quickly adapting to new circumstances. Can’t fault that rich voice and that delicately picked guitar. R...view item »

Bert Jansch
Jack Orion

The Transatlantic Records section of Bert Jansch’s peerless back catalogue is being reissued by Sanctuary. Jack Orion dates from 1966, and finds Jansch really coming into his own as both an interpreter of traditional numbers and as a songwriter. Also featuring John Renbourn and ...view item »

Bert Jansch
Live At The 12 Bar

Live At The 12 Bar finds Bert Jansch in fine form, recorded back in 1995 at a small London club. After a lengthy career (including as a founding member of Pentangle), Jansch is, quite rightly, a highly respected artist, and this collection gives a fifteen-track insight into his position...view item »

Bert Jansch
Bert Jansch

Unlike on some of his later albums, nearly half of the songs on Jansch's debut are instrumentals. These are some of my favourites on the album, since he gets to stretch out his guitar chops a bit more with the absence of vocals. The mysterious "Alice's Wonderland" and the hypnotic "Casbah" are a couple of my favourites. Throughout the entire alb...view item »

Bert Jansch
Santa Barbara Honeymoon

Santa Barbara Honeymoon was one of the albums that grew out of the time that Scottish folk troubadour Bert Jansch spent in America, wherein he found new elements to bolster his sound. The album features as one of its highlights a cover of Jackson C Frank’s ‘Blues Run The Game’, and the...view item »

Bert Jansch
A Rare Conundrum

Scottish folk supremo Bert Jansch produced his eleventh album for public consumption in 1977, leading a band that featured Ralph McTell among others. A recent stint in America seems to lend a touch of the blues to the traditional folk style, adding fresh flavour. This reissue edition on Earth Recordings adds an ...view item »

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