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Cold Pumas
Persistent Malaise

Cold Pumas are one of a huge great crop of exceptional youthful DIY bands appearing in the UK lately with variously weighted mixes of ‘90s lo-fi indie, kraut-psych and noise-pop for what’s turning into quite a defined hypnofuzz aesthetic...Saun...view item »

Cold Pumas
The Hanging Valley

This is the first we’ve heard from Cold Pumas in quite a while: their debut album was released 4 years ago. Now with a slightly tweaked line-up, the band remain in fine form, and The Hanging Valley charges forwards with as much kraut-motorik power as they ever had. Co-released by Faux Discx and Gringo Records....view item »

Various (Mazes, Male Bonding, Cold Pumas etc.)
Compilation Twelve Inch

Well well, this one certainly sells itself. Who wouldn't want to buy a record on Italian Beach Babes records. And let's not forget Paradise Vendors kids, these label names should be band names! Anyway, all the big names in contemporary UK lo-fi, back-to-basics, doing it for the kids indie rock are included here. Cold Pumas, Teen Sheikhs, Spectra...view item »

Cold Pumas
Beat Mystery

The ever savvy Upset The Rhythm have an excellent powder blue 7" out by the superbly monikered Cold Pumas. It's one of those frantic ghostly reverb-drenched records that chunters along with this hypnotic spindly disco-kraut throb, a wild goth-tinged guitar gradually sawing deliciously away at your brain like Garlands-era Cocteaus, the vocals...view item »

Cold Pumas
Jela/A Tempting Haunt

Cold Pumas are a new name to me with this being their first release for new label Hungry for Power. This 12" EP features two tracks from the group which are then remixed on the B-side. First track 'Jela' is a jammed out, upbeat Krautrock number with some interesting little bits of trickery going down. It's too fast to be a Jesus and Mary Chain...view item »