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Marcus Fischer & Simon Scott
Shape Memory

Simon Scott is, of course, the drummer in recently reconstituted shoegazers Slowdive. He has though had a long, separate career as a master of ambient bliss-outs, and here returns to Taylor Deupree's esteemed 12K label for a collaboration with friend, fellow ambient explorer and multidisciplinary artist&nbs...view item »


2017 is an exciting year for shoegazers old and new as veteran bands take advantage of the resurgence in the genre by making new albums that would have been laughed out of court if the year was 1996. Slowdive follow on from Ride in unleashing new music and though they have prosaically only managed to self-t...view item »

Simon Scott

Slowdive drummer Simon Scott was just heading out onto stage to play a set of his solo work when he heard the news of the tragic events at the Bataclan in Paris. This recording of his November 2015 set is therefore dedicated to all the victims of that terrible night. This is a room recording of the entire show, ...view item »

Simon Scott

Cambridge based multi instrumentalist Simon Scott has releases on 12K, Miasmah and As International, as well as being the drummer in Slowdive. Floodlines was recorded live at Cafe Oto in London, and plays on themes regarding nature and technology. Washes of warm noise and manipulated field samples, defi...view item »

Simon Scott

Insomni is the latest sound-work from Simon Scott. He builds up involving soundscapes from noise picked up around his home with induction coils and hydrophones, shaping these background ambiences into an abstract piece of music by adding guitars, Buddha Machines and electronics. Released by Ash International....view item »

Simon Scott
Below Sea Level

This CD has a head-scratchingly complex concept which I’m struggling to get my head around in the short time I have to write this review, but it is themed around the East Anglian Fens. Sometimes it’s got some processed twinkly guitar drifting, sometimes there’s piano t...view item »

Simon Scott

I'm fairly sure Simon Scott is a name that will be familiar to many of you as a member of The Charlottes, Slowdive, Televise etc. Well he has a spankingly delicious solo CD called 'Navigare' out on Miasmah and what a fine specimen it is. Applying all the haze of his shoegaze history to moving and vivid experimental ambient music really works a ...view item »

Simon Scott

The press release for this record describes it as Lynchian, which I think is a pretty good adjective for it. This ex-Slowdive man crafts smoky, semi-ambient soundscapes with dubby repetitive bass and jazzy and sparse drums and guitar. In places it's very spacious and minimal, in others it...view item »

Dag Rosenqvist & Simon Scott

That's a right combo! Scott and TX on one record. Yikes! The story goes that Dag was asked to score a film about how group mentality rules our behavior as humans for a film by a Juriaan Booij. Dag said 'wayayeman, I'll 'ave a goo pet' and he asked his drone buddy Simon Scott to aid and abet him through the process. Thus the album was recorded an...view item »

Simon Scott
Depart, Repeat

Regular readers of these pages will no doubt be aware of our affection for both Simon Scott's music and the output of the Sonic Pieces label, so the prospect of Simon releasing on the imprint is most appealing. This 7" is the first in what is destined be be a highly desirable series of singles in gorgeous, elegant packaging complete with downloa...view item »

Simon Scott

This baby has been a long time coming... Pre-sold to us back in May if I recall, but it has very much been worth the wait. Basically this is a 4 track mini-album on virgin vinyl in lovely sleeve by Erik Skodvin. Apparently the tracks missed the deadline for completion of the brilliant 'Navigare' album and were completed at a later date. It's app...view item »

Simon Scott

One of my highlights from 2009 was clocking off at the towers to take my commute home and have Simon Scott's (The Charlottes/ Slowdive/ Televise) sublime 'Navigare' album play as I closed my eyes and unwound on my journey home. I think that 'Nivalis' is a perfect extension/ counterpart to that work. It has the same post-shoegaze ambient vibe, wit...view item »