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Lol Coxhill / Joe McPhee / Chris Corsano / Evan Parker
Tree Dancing

A 2010 live concert at Cafe Oto is here given a new lease of life with a CD release on the venue’s Otoroku label. Tree Dancing is an astonishing one-off grouping, with a super-potent cross-Atlantic concentration of free-improvising talent. Joe McPhee and Lol Coxhill appear together here for the first and only time, with Evan Parker and Chris Corsano making up the quartet. What a moment to be able to relive.

Evan Parker
The Snake Decides

Phenomenal work from free jazz legend Evan Parker, a figure who has consistently wrestled with the heart of form. ‘The Snake Decides’ has this kinetic restlessness that won’t let up. Recorded in St Paul's Church, Oxford, this is a seminal work that’s free but not without thought or process. Reissued by Otoroku and remastered by Giuseppe Ielasi, this edition is limited to 500 copies.

Evan Parker
Evan Parker With Birds (For Steve Lacy)

A superb recording from 2005, now reissued for your fresh listening pleasure. Evan Parker that most circular breathing of British free improvisers, here pits his extended saxophone techniques alongside birdsong recordings by John Coxon and Ashley Wales: yeah, the title Evan Parker With Birds does not lie. Steve Lacey, the dedicatee, would be proud. Vinyl reissue from Treader.

Evan Parker / Derek Bailey / Han Bennink
The Topography of The Lungs

Bringing together three renowned free improvisers, The Topography of the Lungs was the first release on Evan Parker and Derek Bailey’s Incus label and has been brought back to heavyweight vinyl by the OTOroku imprint. Parker’s ferocious circular breathing techniques, Bailey’s unhinged guitar and Han Bennink’s off-grid percussion sound as radical and incomparable as they must have done in 1970.

Derek Bailey / Evan Parker
​The London Concert

Otoroku Records (Thurston Moore, Mats Gustafsson) tends to focus on archiving performances at the London experimental hub Cafe OTO, but this release sees them making a play in the reissues game. Originally released in 1975, this record sees two titans of the British avant garde lining up alongside one other on a London stage. Guitarist Derek Bailey and saxophonist Evan Parker twang, bang and skronk away to intriguing effect on The London Concert.

Dave Holland featuring Evan Parker, Craig Taiborn and Ches Smith
Uncharted Territories

A veritable avant-jazz odyssey from legendary double-bassist Dave Holland and company here. Across the twenty-three tracks of Uncharted Territories, the quartet of Holland, Evan Parker (saxophone), Craig Taborn (piano/electronics) and Ches Smith (percussion) journey into the farthest-flung corners of jazz experimentalism. While challenging, the LP remains consistently interesting as the group break off into duo and trio combinations throughout.

Evan Parker / John Edwards / Chris Corsano
​The Hurrah

Last year’s Chris Corsano residency at Cafe Oto saw the wonderkid drummer playing with a wide range of amazing performers: The Hurrah documents him with John Edwards and Evan Parker on bass and saxophone respectively. If you know the players, you don’t need me to tell you how remarkable this music is. LP on Otoroku, 500 copies.

Otomo Yoshihide / Sachiko M / Evan Parker / John Edwards / Tony Marsh / John Butcher
Quintet / Sextet

Recording extracted from an evidently amazing couple of nights at London’s Cafe Oto, on their own Otoroku label. Otomo Yoshihide on guitar, Sachiko M on sine-waves (yeah just that, she’s brilliant), Evan Parker and John Butcher on impossible saxophones, and John Edwards and Tony Marsh providing the rhythm section. High, high grade improv.

John Coxon, Evan Parker, Eddie Prévost

Ikue Mori/Mark Nauseef/Evan Parker/Bill Laswell
Near Nadir