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The New Year

Snow is the first release from The New Year in nine years, since several members are in Bedhead and Overseas they have been away, but continued to write slowly. Snow is crystalline indie rock that is softly under-exaggerated and softly nuanced, it won’t kick you in the face, more go for a nice walk with you. Think a laid back indie version of the softer parts in Tortoise or The Sea & Cake.
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Live In Chicago

American 'slow-core' greats captured live in concert by Shellac's Bob Weston back in the heady days of 1998. The main performance comes from an appearance at Chicago's legendary Empty Bottle with further tracks from San Francisco's Bottom of the Hill on the download coupon. Limited to 1000 copies, these previously unreleased sessions are a must for fans of late '90's mumblers.


Slowcore heroes and sleepy guitar virtuosos Bedhead originally released 'WhatFunLifeWas' in 1994 -- if more people had actually listened to it, it would be considered a master-class in both playing and recording guitars, but it toiled in relative obscurity, known to only a select few as a revered classic. Now, it's getting a reissue by the Numero Group.


Bedhead's soft, sombre indie rock dabbled with time signatures and sounded like it was being recorded around a listening party of The Velvet Underground's "Sunday Morning". Their second record, 'Bedheaded', was originally released in 1996, recorded dead quiet so that frontman Matt Kadane didn't disturb the neighbours. Nice one, Matt.

Transaction De Novo

Minimal mumblers and guitar champions Bedhead get to present the world their slowcore jams once more, like phD students with a glowing thesis. The Texans released their third record, 'Transaction de Novo', in 1998, another prime example of their decaying and quietly stunning indie rock precision. 


For the slowcore completists among you, the Numero Group have compiled every dejected Bedhead mumble and guitar gesture into one CD boxset, under the not-so-inventive but apt title '1992-1998'. This is essential for fans of minimal, understated indie rock with guitars that swim in the mud the way Unwound and Slint did.