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John Coltrane
Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album

It's somewhat of a holy grail of jazz, this. Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album is just that, an until-very-recently unknown and unheard studio album by the great John Coltrane. The sessions for the LP were laid down at the legendary Van Gelder Studios, with 'Trane at the peak of his powers and his classi...view item »

John Coltrane
My Favorite Things

I resisted this album for a long time. I thought it was just another Coltrane that I could get on a best of album. Wrong! oh so wrong. This is quintessential early Coltrane. I love the interpretations that Coltrane gives on this recording. He is such a master and this album showcases his skill, and beyond that, the soul that is an integral part ...view item »

John Coltrane & Don Cherry
The Avant-Garde (Mono)

A clear vinyl re-release of one of John Coltrane’s more disputed works, this album from him and Don Cherry has the pair playing Ornette Coleman tracks with some of the Ornette Coleman Quartet. One of the few Coltrane recordings sans piano which gives the saxophonist room to manoeuver. One for the ...view item »

John Coltrane
Giant Steps (Mono)

One of the best, and especially great for those looking to delve deeper into the genre. You'll be bopping and tapping like a lunatic to this one. Phenomenal line-up as well, fyi....view item »

John Coltrane

2017 marked the fiftieth anniversary of John Coltrane’s death, so it’s no surprise that the last couple of years have seen an increase in the amount of legacy release from the great man's catalogue. This latest takes its name from his gigantic ‘Naima’ and features what label Le Chant Du Monde...view item »

Thelonious Monk Quartet & John Coltrane
At Carnegie Hall

At Carnegie Hall shows the burgeoning talents of John Coltrane coming to the fore during his time with Thelonious Monk Quartet. Monk’s experience shows he’s got a real player in Coltrane whose solo playing displays an early version of his ‘Sheets of Sound’ improvisation style. Unearthed b...view item »

John Coltrane
Blue Train

Blue Train by John Coltrane was recorded in 1957. Blue Train follows the jazz sub-genre of Hard Bop. It was his second album, and surprisingly the only one he ever recorded for the legendary Blue Note label, although Coltrane was never officially signed to the label. This vinyl reissue celebrates the label’s 75th ...view item »

Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane
The Complete 1957 Riverside Recordings

A sweet sweet series of sessions recorded by two of the biggest jazz heavyweights out there: Thelonius Monk and John Coltrane! The Complete 1957 Riverside Recordings is a rather gorgeous set of three vinyl LPs, nestling the records in a nice dossier-folder of a box, along with a booklet of essays, artwo...view item »

John Coltrane
Coltrane Plays The Blues (Mono)

John Coltrane captured in a bluesy mood on this old Atlantic Records release. Rhino are generously reissuing Coltrane Plays The Blues 50 years after it came out, and you’ll be glad they did. The material here was captured in the same sessions as My Favourite Things, which gives you some idea of how specia...view item »

John Coltrane
Olé Coltrane

Ole Coltrane was recorded in 1961 by John Coltrane’s remarkable quintet at the time (Reggie Workman, Elvin Jones, McCoy Tyner and Eric Dolphy), with the very welcome addition of Freddie Hubbard and Art Davis. Now ...view item »

John Coltrane / Alice Coltrane
Cosmic Music

The first couple of spiritual jazz share the bandleader role here on Cosmic Music: two tracks are from John Coltrane’s final quintet, and two are from Alice Coltrane’s first bandleader session. With pedigree like that, and with  extra legends like Pharoah Sanders and ...view item »

John Coltrane
My Favourite Things

On My Favourite Things, John Coltrane chose to break away from the timeless hard bop of his earlier works and opted to create a jazz masterpiece. This record including only cover versions of pop standards and showtunes, but don't let this put you off, because Coltrane uses this as a starting point for his explorations into modal soundscapes. The...view item »

John Coltrane
The Atlantic Years In Mono

Stacks of classic Trane in this deluxe clothbound box-set on Warner Jazz. During his time recording for Atlantic (just 2 years!), John Coltrane produced an impressive 5 albums, including one with Don Cherry and ...view item »

John Coltrane
The Roulette Sides

Supremely good tenorist John Coltrane was pretty famous, wasn't he? Here are his recordings for Roulette, collected onto an RSD 10", which you shouldn't hold against him because he really is very good in any of his stylistic divergences (cool, hard pop, spiritual and free, they were all pretty great). Go forth!...view item »

John Coltrane
A Love Supreme: The Complete Masters

What to say about John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme? It has become one of the most famed albums in all of jazz for a reason: the sheer spiritual power of Coltrane and his quartet just can’t be beat. This Complete Masters release delivers the entire recording session, outtakes, chatter,...view item »

John Coltrane

Impulse! and Back To Black reissue one of the founding texts of free jazz: John Coltrane’s Ascension. John leads a large ensemble (including Pharoah Sanders, Freddie Hubbard, McCoy Tyner…) into ecstatic group improvisations. Each soloist ge...view item »

John Coltrane
Blue Paris

John Coltrane's quest to use up all melody ever continued on 'Blue Paris', a live record that depicts his work with the often avant-garde and free-form Eric Dolphy (famous for his jazz masterpiece 'Out To Lunch'). Their work together ranged a variety of fusion sounds; as Coltrane worked through Indian music and classical, Dolphy was also interes...view item »

John Coltrane
Afro Blue Impressions

'Afro Blue Impressions' is a live recording of John Coltrane, originally captured in 1963, but only released by Pablo in 1977. Coltrane's performance here is one of physical boundary-pushing with his soprano sax, moving his hands ferociously around the instrument and trying to elicit near-impossible sounds from it. On this performance, he's...view item »

John Coltrane
Standard Coltrane

'Standard Coltrane' was assembled from the unissued recordings of a single session with legendary engineer Rudy Van Gelder (Blue Note Records) at his studio in 1958. Originally released in 1962 it has been reissued by Prestige Records as part of a series commemorating the 65th Anniversary of the record label and the 90th birthday of Rudy Van Gel...view item »

John Coltrane

I can't stress just how wonderful this piece is. The piano is right on, the drums are groovy, the bass is off the hook, and Coltrane is...well the best. John Coltrane completely blew me away with this record, the first that I have ever owned of his. I hope that people aren't going to just see this and dismiss it. Ballads is truly a one-of-a-kind...view item »

John Coltrane
Jazz Way Out

Despite a fairly close association with the legendary tenor saxophonist John Coltrane, trumpeter-flugelhornist Wilbur Harden is not very well known or ranked among the best trumpet players of the 1950s. This Savoy CD, recorded in March and June, 1958,entitled Jazz Way Out, presents Coltrane in a sideman role on three compositions by Harden and o...view item »

John Coltrane
The Believer

Do you believe in the power of John Coltrane? You damn well should, the man isn’t revered by everyone for no reason you know. This album, pressed to high grade Audiophile Clear Vinyl by Doxy, captures Coltrane in 1958, when the man was really beginning to get going. Limited to 500 copies everyone!...view item »

John Coltrane

Stardust is a John Coltrane session from around the time when he was rolling with Miles Davis’ crew: some of his fellow Miles-sidemen appear with him here in fact. Pressed to clear vinyl for that tasty visual effect, but with mighty sound quality also maintained: that’s Audi...view item »

John Coltrane
Newport ’61

Saturday July 1st 1961. John Coltrane is playing at the Newport Jazz Festival in Rhode Island, along with McCoy Tyner on piano, Reggie Workman and Art Davis on bass, and Elvin Jones on drums. You should have been there, he was electric. Thankfully, with this recording it’s like you really were. On vinyl....view item »

John Coltrane
A Love Supreme

This is, literally, John Coltrane’s staggeringly legendary A Love Supreme, and you shouldn’t really need to be told any more than that in order to pounce on it. Spiritual and energetic, melodic but hinting towards Coltrane’s later free explorations, this is deservedly a classic. T...view item »

John Coltrane

This is a classic album by John Coltrane. It's his first for the Impulse! record label; he would become readily associated with the label, recording all of his great mature albums for it. Due to Coltrane's prominence in the jazz world, Impulse! would also become an important jazz label during the 1960s and a major documenter of the avant garde. ...view item »

John Coltrane
Coltranes Sound

Consisting of "leftover" material from Coltrane's My Favourite Things sessions, you would never know by listening to this that this was originally considered bonus material. Coltrane was experimenting with a bunch of approaches around this time, making variety one of this album's strengths. The Atlantic recordings contain some of John Coltrane's be...view item »

John Coltrane
Coltrane Jazz

Recorded during the same sessions that spawned Giant Steps, Coltrane Jazz can be considered equal, although Giant Steps has the edge because it was how a lot of people got introduced to John Coltrane's fully developed sound. Even so, you find Coltrane trying out the split tones he uses later on in his career, such as on "Harmonique" and also the...view item »