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Pye Corner Audio / Silent Servant / Not Waving
Pye Corner Audio / Silent Servant / Not Waving

On track per artist on this essential dance floor collision of three of the finest minds in electronic music. Pye Corner Audio are known for being excellent with synths, Not Waving makes very good robo funk and Silent Servant finishes things off with some glistening dramatic techno moves. You ne...view item »

Sterile Hand (Silent Servant)
Sterile Hand

Los Angeles techno producer Juan Mendez (Sandwell District, Jealous God) aka Silent Servant delves even further into his recent foray into EBM, teaming up with Ori Ofir on vocal duties for some ice cold Electronic Body Music. The Sterile Hand sound is part homage to 80s influences but still has Mendez’s sound stamped all over it. T...view item »

Silent Servant
Hypnosis In The Modern Age Vol. II

As a former operative in Sandwell District, LA producer Juan Mendez has nothing to prove. But that need to create just keeps on pushing, and his latest work as Silent Servant finds him working at as high a level ...view item »

51717 & Silent Servant
Jealous God 6

A gripping split 12” from Jealous God. 51717 a.k.a Lilli Schulder of Opal Tapes/L.I.E.S fame takes up the A-side with a stonking three tracks, whilst Silent Servant of Sandwell District lets loose with a couple of slippery urchins on the flipside. Out on vinyl 12” with postcard and mix CD from Nihar ...view item »

Silent Servant / Broken English Club
Split EP

'Split EP' is a pretty self-explanatory title for this EP of aggressive fun-time electronic music. On one side you've got Silent Servant, the overlord of spooky techno himself, and on the other stands Broken English Club, who also makes techno of a rather cerebral industrial fashion. Cititrax clearly thought that they sounded similar, ...view item »

Silent Servant
Negative Fascination (Extended 12" Mixes)

Minimal and immaculately constructed techno comes from Silent Servant, who lets his songs crawl around and find their feet before unleashing his hellish tricks: the way "Invocation of Lust" slots into place is a prime example of how patient this man is with his work. On 'Negative Fascination' his techno is stiffened by industrial percussion and ...view item »

Silent Servant
Lust Abandon

Silent Servant aka Juan Mendez takes the first side with ‘Lust Abandon’ with a strong Robert Hood-esque bassline at it’s core with mid-tempo kick and plenty of sinister hissy industrial atmospherics that sound like some evil dentist drilling away in the next...view item »

SS/S (Silent Servant & Svreca)
Sicario De Dios

Jealous God is a new label from Regis, James Ruskin and Silent Servant which is bound to be getting many folks in the techno community wetting t...view item »

Silent Servant
Negative Fascination

Juan Mendez is a name that will be familiar to techno freaks through his late 90's output on Cytrax and Delay. More recently he's had output on Historia Y Violencia with Santiago Salazar but really his name has come to the fore due to his involvement with Sandwell District and the got...view item »

Silent Servant
Hypnosis In The Modern Age

Another solid slab of highly functional techno wax from Juan Mendez. The title is a dead giveaway for what's going off - pure refined minimal techno. 'Mad Youth' goes to work with a Beltram 'Places' era/ Damon Wild early to mid period Synewave sound pallete. However what's particularly ev...view item »

Silent Servant / Sandwell District
Sampler 4

I've lost count of how many samplers/remixes/versions etc. of 12"s associated with the Feed Forward album have come out. This madness must stop, and indeed it has with the "End Of Phaze 2" printed on the label and "Mission terminated" etched into the run-out groove. They end on a real high too with Silent ...view item »

Function, Silent Servant, Various
Sample Single One

Forget that trendy minimal nonsense that's all over the likes of Resident Adviser & such. These boys do it proper! Function (David Sumner), Regis (Karl O'Conner), Female (Pete Sutton) and Silent Servant (John Mendez) are all at the top of their game. Here providing two different limited edition stamped white label samplers. A particular high...view item »