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Ian Hawgood + Danny Norbury
Faintly Recollected

Home Normal - restful music on an anything-but-restful release schedule. This time it’s HN boss Ian Hawgood himself exchanging notes with Danny Norbury (The Boats). The result is one gapless piece cued into seven untitled movements. Wistful layers of cello, serene and cinematic passage thr...view item »

Ian Hawgood + Giulio Aldinucci
Consequence Shadows

More somnolent, slow-burning electroacoustic ambience courtesy of Ian “Home Normal” Hawgood and rippling fieldrec soundscapist Guilio Aldinucci. There are sometimes more layers to these arrangements than first meet the ear, as it seems great care has gone into ensuring all elements b...view item »

Ian Hawgood + Wil Bolton

Eight years into their collaboration, Wil Bolton and Home Normal main-man Ian Hawgood have finished their first full-length album. Transparencies is a tender release full of intimate interplay of instruments and sounds: Bolton and Hawgood are perfectly suited to one ano...view item »

Ian Hawgood
Love Retained

Incredibly bare piano pieces, presented with thanks, love and admiration for those around him. Battling with depression for decades Ian Hawgood found a release, but also a trigger in composing, these unfinished and unmastered piano sketches serve up as a mirror to that fragility, and mark his departure from his own label (Home N...view item »

Stefano Guzzetti, Christoph Berg, Danny Norbury, and Ian Hawgood

The title 050316 indicates the date of the concert where these delicate and rich neoclassical compositions were recorded. The Home Normal label specialises in the sounds produced when orchestral music, drone and ambient meet, and these performances from Stefano Guzzetti, Christoph Berg, Danny Norbur...view item »

Ian Hawgood
Slow Films In Low Light

Home Normal have been busy lately with five releases out in as many weeks. Here's the 5th and it's a CD by Ian Hawgood called 'Slow Films In Low Light'. This one is a reissue of sorts of an older out of print album with a twist! This time it's been remixed by loads of folks like The Remote Viewer, Danny Norbury, Colour Cassette, Federico Durand (hi...view item »

Ian Hawgood
The Shattered Light

Ian Hawgood is a busy lad. Not content with running Home Normal, Nomadic Kids, ...view item »

Ian Hawgood and Friends
Wolven (A Modern Interpretation)

Ian Hawgood’s ‘Wolfskin’ was Hibernate’s inaugural release way back in the heady days of 2009, with seven tracks documenting Hawgood’s nocturnal visions through the medium of drone. I never heard that one but Phil thought it was good. Anyway, that means I’m ...view item »

bvdub & Ian Hawgood
The Truth Hurts

This heavyweight clash between ambient titans Bvdub and Ian Hawgood has expectedly brilliant results. The story behind this album is that basically the two lads were introduced to each other, Hawgood...view item »

Ian Hawgood
We Are Better For Being Built This Way

In on Japan's Slow Flow label is a smart new CD by Ian Hawgood called 'We Are Better For Being Built This Way'. Which I can only assume is a dig at my middle age spread. Ian... How dare you! Only joking... I'm well thin me... I'm like a hairy match. I think this is the fourth album we've had this year from him and this one is a more meditative affa...view item »

Ian Hawgood

Here's another new label. It's called Hibernate and it's going down the whole nice drifty floaty river that you all know and love. The first release on the label is by Ian Hawgood the proprietor of the rather excellent Home Normal label and the brand new Tokyo Drowning label! It's all go down Mr Hawgood's house! Anyhoo the CD is called Wolfskin and...view item »

Ian Hawgood / Les Mepris / Ryu Furusawa

Mobeer, mo' problems.. I think I've used that before. Number 007 in the beermat-mounted series features three whole 3" CDs for you likely lads and lasses (well, maybe not lasses) to wrap your Prince Charles' around. The first has Ian Hawgood (oh good), who runs the fine Home Normal label, contributing some lovely minimal droney bits for you to fl...view item »

Ian Hawgood
Snow Roads

From one extreme to the other in the crazy world of Norman Records with the new album by Ian Hawgood called 'Snow Roads'. This is an edition of 250 copies on Dragon Eye Recordings. Theres so much limited stuff about in handmade sleeves that its easy to get lost amongst it all. Its hard to blame the labels though as any release once its out a week o...view item »

Ian Hawgood
Tents And Hills

Ian Hawgood seems to release loads of shit but then looking back through the archives we've not had too much lately which makes me think we were playing catch up with his back catalogue and now things are normal. Well as normal as they'll ever be. Tents & Hills sounds lovely on first listen. It's quite busy sounding drone music with a more elec...view item »