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Wake Ooloo
Hear No Evil

Wake Oooloo might not be a name immediately familiar to you but you may prick up your ears when I tell you that this is members of the Feelies. It was made in one of the Feelies characteristic breaks from doing anything at all and showcases a more muscular sound informed as always by the ghosts of the Velvet Underground and Television. One of the Feelies less known spin offs comes on a vinyl edition of 500 on Wouldn't Waste records.    
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The Feelies
Crazy Rhythms

New Jersey guitar practitioners the Feelies quietly made one of the best albums of the late 1970s with this now classic debut. It finds the band at their most jittery with stop start (crazy) rhythms and the superb twin guitar work of Glen Mercer and Bill Million. Later albums had a more pastoral, college rock feel but this is them at their earliest and most raw. If you like Talking Heads and Television then check this one out.  

The Feelies
The Good Earth

Very few bands had such a long period between first and second albums as the Feelies. 1980's Crazy Rhythms was a new wave and post-punk classic but you had to wait another nine years for its follow up. inspired perhaps by the college-rock of R.E.M. (whose Peter Buck produces) The Good Earth is a totally different beast to Crazy Rhythms. It's a gorgeous plangent pastoral sigh of an album with layers of golden guitars beneath the most mumbled singing you've heard since Lou Reed.   

The Feelies
Here Before

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The Feelies
In Between

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The Cars, Lou Reed, The Feelies, Various
The Squid &; The Whale

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