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The Untied Knot
Falling Off the Evolutionary Ladder

The Untied Knot blend a number of influences and sounds to make their latest album, Falling Off The Evolutionary Ladder. The tracks are put together by picking out the tastiest bits of improvisations - the same process used by Can and Miles Davis - and musical nods to both artists are apparent. The duo of Nigel Bryant and Matt Donovan have played with the likes of This Heat’s Charles Hayward, Gong’s Daevid Allen and Henry Cow’s Chris Cutler, consolidating their underground experimental chops.

The Untied Knot
Sketches For a Lost Summer

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The Untied Knot
Rien N'Existe

Second album (following debut 'Sketches for a Lost Summer') from The Untied Knot (aka Matt and Nigel). Recorded entirely on multitrack tape and featuring Alison Gregory on cello, the album was funded through the ever-popuar online pledge system. Available on the Sonic Imperfections label on CD or vinyl.

The Untied Knot
Description of a Flame

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