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A Grave With No Name

A Grave With No Name is a fitting moniker for purveyors of a downbeat and melancholy strain of Americana (despite being London-based). Their fourth album sees the continued expansion of their originally lo-fi sound, with central figure Alex Shields drafting in Frank Ocean...view item »

A Grave With No Name
Wooden Mask

A Grave With No Name is, obviously, not a cheerful project, but there is a stark beauty to Alexander Shields’ music under the name. Wooden Mask is a set of desolate experimental post-folk, “a meditation on renewal”. Vinyl and cassette editions are available, via the well-named Forged A...view item »

A Grave With No Name
Feathers Wet, Under the Moon

Although both Feathers Wet, Under the Moon and A Grave With No Name prepared me for a Death Metal group, here we have some gentle, breezy folk. Recorded by Londoner Alexander Shields in Nashville, the tunes have a distinct yet subtle American folk edge to them, with the occasional foray into electric guitar and ...view item »

A Grave With No Name

Phil has mentioned to me a couple of times already that he likes this record so I have high expectations. Phil’s a man who has heard a lot of records, you see. He’s right too, it’s really nice, running the gamut of emotional manipulation from understated but celebratory garage pop like a nerdy cross between ...view item »

A Grave With No Name

I was expecting something dark and gothy with a name like that. I was right on the first count but it's dark in a pleasant way. Their sound is a very simple thing, distant, hazy piano and androgynous vocals and that's about it. It sits somewhere between Plush's gentle piano excursions and something ...view item »

A Grave With No Name
Streams / Feathers

"This is a real keeper...proper dazed pop scree. killer". Not my words the words of an over excited press release. A proper keeper eh? Neville Southall there was a good one. Anyway's as they say this one is a 'keeper', a 'killer' if you like. One side sounds like a lo-fi re-work of Mercury Rev's 'Holes', the other a Spector-ish take one of Danie...view item »

A Grave With No Name
And We Parted Ways At Mt Jade

A grave with no name have a nice new seven inch E.P out containing the following lovely tracks; 'And we parted ways at Mt.Jade'/'Ghosts and Stones'/'The passing of a day (interlude)'/'Stone Setting'/'Horses'. A grave with no name is the guise of Alex Shields who is responsible for the writing, recording and production of this top release, he's obvi...view item »