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Pinkshinyultrablast Vinyl, CD & tapes by Pinkshinyultrablast at Norman Records

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In The Hanging Gardens

Pinkshinyultrablast return with their latest 10", almost definitely cementing their position as the best shoegaze band to come out of Saint Petersburg, Russia. Dreamy synths and vocals from vocalist Lyubov, taking notes from forefathers such as My Bloody Valentine and Cocteau Twins. On Club AC30 - limited run of 'rose sunshine' coloured vinyl.
  • Vinyl 10" (AC3015024)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl

Miserable Miracles

Now down to a three piece Pinkshinyultrablast release their third album Miserable Miracles. Previous long players Everything Else Matters and Grandfeathered saw the Russian band produce massive walls of hypnotic noise that mixed the shoegaze sounds of My Bloody Valentine with the full on riffage of Smashing Pumpkins, this new stripped down trio have now adopted a more crystalline synth pop sound so it'll be interesting to see if they can still cut the mustard. 


Grandfeathered is Pinkshinyultrablast follow up album on Club AC30, a more experimental pop affair than their debut, a more expansive and layered fuzzy pop sound. Warm swathes of fuzz peeling back to playful Foals esq beats and picks. Chuck in some of Braids’ beauty and some of Boris’ power and you’s got some bizarre, and brilliantly coined “Thunderpop”.

Cherry Pit

Thunderpop is a new one to me.. but an appropriate moniker for this it certainly is. Russia’s Pinkshinyultrablast make dreamy shoegaze pop, with power and direction. Cherry Pit is the second single from their upcoming sophomore album on Club AC30. Imagine if Boris and Braids teamed up to make a pop album.

Kiddy Pool Dreams

Who knew shoegaze indie-pop had reached Russia? Well it has in the form of St. Petersburg's Pinkshinyultrablast. They have updated the genre a little to include ethereal twinkles which create a dynamic sound againsts the distorted guitars. Kiddy Pool Dreams is the first single from their forthcoming second album of the same name.

Everything Else Matters

Big wide open shoegaze from St. Petersberg, Russia! Pinkshinyultrablast grabbed that pleasing name from an album by Astrobrite, which gives an impression of what their sound might be, but these guys love shoegaze too much to simply replicate it like a relic from the early '90s. Instead they push forward and outwards, into subtly new spaces.

Ravestar Supreme

Russian shoegazers Pinkshinyultrablast excerpt two tracks from their recent Everything Else Matters album for this natty little transparent blue 7” on Club AC30. Big washes of guitar swathed over everything, as you’d expect, but the vocalist’s falsetto and the jumpy tunes stand out.

Happy Songs For Happy Zombies

Pinkshinysupermassiveblastoise enter the wonderful world of reissues with a 10", RSD-prepped celebration of 'Happy Songs For Happy Zombies'. The Russian shoegaze outfit treat their host genre more ecstatically than A Sunny Day In Glasgow and Cocteau Twins put together, injecting some well-needed (or at least not unwelcome) thrash techniques into their sweet, dreamy music. This one dates back to 2009. Olde school.