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Hiss Golden Messenger
Lateness of Dancers

M.C. Taylor is the folkie who hides behind the Hiss Golden Messenger moniker. 'Lateness of Dancers' is second record in as many years, and he follows on from the dark and fractured tones of 'Haw' with a warmer, more welcoming vibe. It continues his pattern of recording his records wherever he damn well chooses, made in a small barn in his home-s...view item »

Hiss Golden Messenger
Heart Like a Levee

New material from Hiss Golden Messenger, written during challenging times, like all the best country-derived music is. Heart Like A Levee is available in regular and fancy editions of both the CD and the vinyl versions: the deluxe ones add grand packaging, a poster, and a CD of a whole extra album, named Vestapol...view item »

Hiss Golden Messenger
Hallelujah Anyhow

Imagine having the self confidence to have that as your album sleeve. MC Taylor certainly isn't lacking in a belief in his own ability something that must have been even further boosted when David Bowie once said he liked him. This new album is a rather quick follow up to 'Heart Like a Levee' and comes with his own impenetr...view item »

Hiss Golden Messenger

Hiss Golden Messenger’s last album ‘Poor Moon’ saw singer-songwriter MC Taylor’s profile increase dramatically with a positive critical reception and praise from the likes of Sir David of Bowie. He plays weary country/Americana ballads ...view item »

Hiss Golden Messenger & Michael Chapman
Parallelogram A La Carte

Three Lobed Recordings Parallelogram was a nice five-LP collection released in 2015, putting amazing artists from the contemporary underground scene onto either side of a split LP. This release (now available as a stand-alone album, pairs Yorkshire folk-guitar veteran Michael Chapman with California’s Hiss...view item »

Hiss Golden Messenger
Southern Grammar

Triumphant folk rock star Hiss Golden Messenger released the excellent Lateness of the Dancers last year and he returns now with Southern Grammar, a miniature release that houses unwanted cuts from the record itself as well as an official place for "Brother, Do You Know The Road?" to la...view item »

Hiss Golden Messenger
Jesus Shot Me In The Head / Jesus Dub

If the prospect of actually going out and buying a Hiss Golden Messenger album is a bit daunting for you, try this bite size 7". His music is gloriously soulful country rock that has just the right amount of swing amongst the melancholy. He has a rich, chocolate brown voice too. This limited jukebox style 7" won't be around for long and like the...view item »

Hiss Golden Messenger
Bad Debt

Although I’m the biggest fan of MC Taylor’s previous band The Court and Spark, his latest (more successful) outfit Hiss Golden Messenger have never quite hit as hard. They have, however, enjoyed the patronage of Sir David of Bowie amongst other cri...view item »

Hiss Golden Messenger
Lord I Love The Rain

Here’s an LP of odds’n’sods from esteemed Americana mumbler Hiss Golden Messenger. The first side is populated by a series of unreleased offcuts from around the time of 2010’s ‘Bad Debt’ which are pleasant enough, generally home recorded mournful and straight...view item »

Hiss Golden Messenger / Elephant Micah
Hiss Golden Messenger Plays Elephant Micah Plays Hiss Golden Messenger

On this 7” two celebrated American songwriters, M.C. “Hiss Golden Messenger” Taylor and Joe “Elephant Micah” O’Connell, take on each other’s songs in a little neofolk ...view item »

Hiss Golden Messenger
Poor Moon

According to the press release this guy/band is endorsed by none other than Saint David of Bowie himself, which pretty much doubled my expectations upon spinning this beautifully packaged platter - not to mention that he's accompanied on this record by members of just about every current ...view item »

Hiss Golden Messenger
From Country Hai East Cotton

I think Business Lady really hit the mark when she compared elements of this chap's last record to a hybrid of Lambchop & Prince. It sounds awful to me actually but I think it helps that HGM make music that is both classy & accomplished. It's not hugely my bag this style but there's been an undeniably enormous amount of love & hard w...view item »

Hiss Golden Messenger
Country Hai East Cotton

Hiss Golden Messenger is the working pseudonym of Jai Lil Diamond of San francisco band The Court and Spark and this is his first official collection of recordings as a solo artist. 'Country Hai East Cotton' is a mixed bag of tunes that takes in elements of Americana, soul, R&B, blues, country and reggae. It's a strange selection of songs that ...view item »